Nevada 4th Grade Science (NVACSS) Practice

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Earth’s Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth25%
Structure, Function, and Information Processing25%
Waves: Waves and Information25%
Also includes:
  • Engineering Design
  • Questions: 765
  • Two-Part Items: 8
  • Vocabulary Terms: 138
  • Performance Tasks: 62
  • Instructional Videos: 38

Test Standards

Earth’s Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth
1. (4-ESS1-1 )  Changes In Landscapes
2. (4-ESS2-1)  Weathering And Erosion
3. (4-ESS2-2 )  Maps And Earth's Features
4. (4-ESS3-2)  Reduce Impact
1. (4-PS3-1)  Speed And Energy
2. (4-PS3-2)  Energy Transfer
3. (4-PS3-3)  Collisions
4. (4-PS3-4)  Energy Conversion
5. (4-ESS3-1)  Energy And Fuel
Structure, Function, and Information Processing
1. (4-PS4-2 )  Light And Vision
2. (4-LS1-1)  Internal And External Structures
3. (4-LS1-2)  Senses
Waves: Waves and Information
1. (4-PS4-1)  Model Of Waves
2. (4-PS4-3)  Transfer Information
Engineering Design
1. (3-5-ETS1-1)  Need Or Want
2. (3-5-ETS1-2)  Multiple Solutions
3. (3-5-ETS1-3)  Fair Tests