Nevada 3rd Grade Math (NVACS) Practice

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Operations and Algebraic Thinking 20%
Number and Operations in Base Ten 20%
Number and Operations - Fractions 20%
Measurement and Data 20%
Geometry 20%
  • Questions 1,652
  • Vocabulary Terms 101
  • Performance Tasks 109
  • Instructional Videos 39

Test Standards

Operations and Algebraic Thinking
1. (3.OA.1)  Interpret products
2. (3.OA.2)  Interpret quotients
3. (3.OA.3)  Solve problems
4. (3.OA.4)  Determine unknown number
5. (3.OA.5)  Properties of operations
6. (3.OA.6)  Understand division
7. (3.OA.7)  Multiply/Divide to 100
8. (3.OA.8)  Two-step word problems
9. (3.OA.9)  Arithmetic patterns
Number and Operations in Base Ten
1. (3.NBT.1)  Round to 10 or 100
2. (3.NBT.2)  Add/subtract to 1000
3. (3.NBT.3)  Multiples of 10
Number and Operations - Fractions
1. (3.NF.1)  Understand 1/b
2. (3.NF.2a)  Represent 1/b
3. (3.NF.2b)  Represent a/b
4. (3.NF.3a)  Fractions as equivalent
5. (3.NF.3b)  Generate equivalent fractions
6. (3.NF.3c)  Whole numbers as fractions
7. (3.NF.3d)  Compare fractions
Measurement and Data
1. (3.MD.1)  Tell and write time
2. (3.MD.2)  Volumes and masses
3. (3.MD.3)  Pictograph and bar graph
4. (3.MD.4)  Generate data
5. (3.MD.5a)  Square unit definition
6. (3.MD.5b)  Area definition
7. (3.MD.6)  Count unit squares
8. (3.MD.7a)  Rectangle area - tiling
9. (3.MD.7b)  Rectangle area in problems
10. (3.MD.7c)  Tiling for distributive property
11. (3.MD.7d)  Area as additive
12. (3.MD.8)  Area and perimeter problems
1. (3.G.1)  Categories of shapes
2. (3.G.2)  Partition shapes