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ELA I: Reading EOC (NVACS) Practice

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  • Questions 4,655
  • Vocabulary Terms 201
  • Performance Tasks 247
  • Instructional Videos 88

Test Standards

  1. (RL.9-10.1) Cite Evidence
  2. (RL.9-10.2) Theme
  3. (RL.9-10.3) Complex Characters
  4. (RL.9-10.4) Word Meanings
  5. (RL.9-10.5) Structure
  6. (RL.9-10.6) Cultural Experience
  1. (RI.9-10.1) Textual Evidence
  2. (RI.9-10.2) Central Idea
  3. (RI.9-10.3) Analysis
  4. (RI.9-10.4) Word Meanings
  5. (RI.9-10.6) Point of View
  6. (RI.9-10.8) Delineate and Evaluate
  7. (RI.9-10.5) Ideas and Claims
  1. (ELA.9.31) Integrate and Evaluate
  2. (ELA.9.32) POV, Reasoning, Evidence
  3. (ELA.9.33) Present Information
  4. (ELA.9.34) Digital Media
  1. (L.9-10.1.A) Parallel structure
  2. (L.9-10.1.B) Types of phrases/clauses
  3. (L.9-10.1.C) Subjunctive mood
  4. (L.9-10.1.D ) Shifts in voice/mood
  5. (L.9-10.1.F) Modifiers
  6. (L.9-10.2.B) Use a colon
  7. (L.9-10.2.C) Use a semicolon
  8. (L.9-10.2.D) Spell correctly
  9. (L.9-10.3.A) Write and edit work
  10. (L.9-10.4.A) Use context
  11. (L.9-10.4.B) Patterns of word changes
  12. (L.9-10.4.C) Consult reference materials
  13. (L.9-10.5.A) Interpret figures of speech
  14. (L.9-10.5.B) Analyze nuances
  15. (L.9-10.6) Acquire and use words/phrases

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