Nevada 6th Grade Math (NVACS) Practice

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Ratios and Proportional Relationships 20%
The Number System 20%
Expressions and Equations 20%
Geometry 20%
Statistics and Probability 20%
  • Questions 2,505
  • Vocabulary Terms 185
  • Performance Tasks 128
  • Instructional Videos 62

Test Standards

Ratios and Proportional Relationships
1. (6.RP.1)  Ratio Language
2. (6.RP.2)  Unit Rate
3. (6.RP.3a)  Equivalent Ratios
4. (6.RP.3b)  Unit Pricing
5. (6.RP.3c-1)  Percent of Quantity
6. (6.RP.3c-2)  Solve percent problems
7. (6.RP.3d)  Ratio Reasoning
The Number System
1. (6.NS.1-1)  Quotients of fractions
2. (6.NS.1-2)  Division word problems
3. (6.NS.2)  Multi-digit Numbers
4. (6.NS.3-1)  Add/subtract decimals
5. (6.NS.3-2)  Multiply decimals
6. (6.NS.3-3)  Divide decimals
7. (6.NS.4-1)  Greatest Common Factor
8. (6.NS.4-2)  Least common multiple
9. (6.NS.4-3)  Distributive property
10. (6.NS.5)  Represent Quantities
Expressions and Equations
1. (6.EE.1)  Whole-number Exponents
2. (6.EE.2a)  Record Operations
3. (6.EE.2b)  Identify Parts
4. (6.EE.2c)  Evaluate Expressions
5. (6.EE.3)  Equivalent Expressions
6. (6.EE.4)  Identify Equivalent
7. (6.EE.5)  Substitution
8. (6.EE.6)  Use Variables
9. (6.EE.7)  Nonnegative Rational Numbers
10. (6.EE.8)  Write Inequality
11. (6.EE.9-1)  Represent Quantities
12. (6.EE.9-2)  Variable relationships
1. (6.G.1-1)  Find Areas
2. (6.G.1-2)  Shapes and real-world problems
3. (6.G.2-1)  Volume by packing
4. (6.G.2-2)  Volume and multiplying
5. (6.G.2-3)  Volume formulas
6. (6.G.3-1)  Draw Polygons
7. (6.G.3-2)  Polygon problems
8. (6.G.4-1)  Three-Dimensional Figures
9. (6.G.4-2 )  Surface area problems
Statistics and Probability
1. (6.SP.1)  Variability
2. (6.SP.2)  Distribution
3. (6.SP.3-1)  Measure of Center
4. (6.SP.3-2 )  Measure of variation
5. (6.SP.4)  Display Numerical Data
6. (6.SP.5a)  Observations
7. (6.SP.5b)  Nature of Attribute
8. (6.SP.5c-1)  Summarize with center
9. (6.SP.5c-2)  Summarize with variability
10. (6.SP.5c-3)  Overall pattern
11. (6.SP.5d)  Relating the Measures