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7th Grade Math SBAC (NVACS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,802
  • Vocabulary Terms 172
  • Performance Tasks 159
  • Instructional Videos 95

Test Standards

  1. (7.NS.1a) Opposite Quantities
  2. (7.NS.1b-1) Interpret Sums
  3. (7.NS.1b-2) Sum of opposites
  4. (7.NS.1b-3) Rational sums in context
  5. (7.NS.1c) Additive Inverse
  6. (7.NS.1d) Properties of Operations
  7. (7.NS.2a-1) Distributive Property and rationals
  8. (7.NS.2a-2) Interpret products of rationals
  9. (7.NS.2b-1) Divide Integers
  10. (7.NS.2b-2) Integer quotients
  11. (7.NS.2b-3) Interpret rational quotients
  12. (7.NS.2c) Multiply Rational Numbers
  13. (7.NS.2d) Long Division
  14. (7.NS.3) Four Operations
  1. (7.SP.1) Statistics
  2. (7.SP.2-1) Random Sample
  3. (7.SP.2-2) Samples to gauge variation
  4. (7.SP.3) Visual Overlap
  5. (7.SP.4-1) Comparative Inferences
  6. (7.SP.4-2) Inferences about populations
  7. (7.SP.5) Probability of Chance
  8. (7.SP.7b) Chance Process
  1. (7.RP.1) Compute Unit Rates
  2. (7.RP.2a-1) Test Equivalent Ratios
  3. (7.RP.2a-2) Graph proportions
  4. (7.RP.2b-1) Identify Constant
  5. (7.RP.2b-2) Unit rate in graphs
  6. (7.RP.2b-3) Unit rate in equations
  7. (7.RP.2b-4) Unit rate in diagrams
  8. (7.RP.2c) Represent Relationships
  9. (7.RP.2d) Explain Point
  10. (7.RP.3) Solve Problems
  1. (7.G.1) Scale Drawings
  2. (7.G.2) Draw Shapes
  3. (7.G.3) Slicing 3-D Figures
  4. (7.G.4-1) Area and circumference
  5. (7.G.4-2) Derivation of circumference
  6. (7.G.5) Unknown Angle
  7. (7.G.6-1) Solve Problems
  8. (7.G.6-2) Cubes and prisms
  1. (7.EE.1-1) Add/subtract linear expressions
  2. (7.EE.1-2 ) Factor and expand linear expressions
  3. (7.EE.2) Rewriting Expression
  4. (7.EE.3-1) Positive and Negative
  5. (7.EE.3-2) Calculate with rationals
  6. (7.EE.3-3 ) Forms of rationals
  7. (7.EE.3-4 ) Assess answers
  8. (7.EE.4a-1) Sequence of Operations
  9. (7.EE.4a-2) Algebraic and arithmetic solutions
  10. (7.EE.4b-1) Inequality word problems
  11. (7.EE.4b-2) Graph inequality solutions

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