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7th Grade Math (NGLS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,567
  • Vocabulary Terms 158
  • Performance Tasks 168
  • Instructional Videos 102

Test Standards

  1. (NY-7.RP.1) Unit rates
  2. (NY-7.RP.2a) Proportional relationship
  3. (NY-7.RP.2b) Constant of proportionality
  4. (NY-7.RP.2c) Proportional relationships
  5. (NY-7.RP.2d) Graph proportional relationship
  6. (NY-7.RP.3) Solve ratio/percent problems
  1. (NY-7.NS.1a) Opposite quantities
  2. (NY-7.NS.1b) Interpret sums
  3. (NY-7.NS.1c) Subtraction
  4. (NY-7.NS.1d) Properties of operations
  5. (NY-7.NS.2a) Distributive property
  6. (NY-7.NS.2b) Divide integers
  7. (NY-7.NS.2c) Multiply/divide rationals
  8. (NY-7.NS.2d) Rationals and decimals
  9. (NY-7.NS.3) Solve problems
  1. (NY-7.EE.1) Linear expressions
  2. (NY-7.EE.2) Rewriting expressions
  3. (NY-7.EE.B.3) Solve problems
  4. (NY-7.EE.4a) Solve using equations
  5. (NY-7.EE.4b) Solve problems with inequalities
  1. (NY-7.G.1) Scale drawings
  2. (NY-7.G.2) Draw shapes
  3. (NY-7.G.3) Cross sections
  4. (NY-7.G.4) Area and circumference
  5. (NY-7.G.5) Unknown angles
  6. (NY-7.G.6) Solve area problems
  1. (NY-7.SP.1) Box-plots, IQR
  2. (NY-7.SP.3) Compare data
  3. (NY-7.SP.4) Comparative inferences
  4. (NY-7.SP.8a) Compound event
  5. (NY-7.SP.8bc) Sample spaces

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