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8th Grade Math (NGLS) Practice

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  • Questions 2,475
  • Vocabulary Terms 166
  • Performance Tasks 130
  • Instructional Videos 76

Test Standards

  1. (NY-8.NS.1) Irrational numbers
  2. (NY-8.NS.2) Rational approximations
  1. (NY-8.EE.1) Integer exponents
  2. (NY-8.EE.2) Square Root
  3. (NY-8.EE.3) Scientific notation
  4. (NY-8.EE.4) Operate scientific notation
  5. (NY-8.EE.5) Graph proportional relationship
  6. (NY-8.EE.6) Slope and y=mx+b
  7. (NY-8.EE.7a) Linear equations
  8. (NY-8.EE.7b) Linear equations
  9. (NY-8.EE.8a) System solutions
  10. (NY-8.EE.8b) Solve systems
  11. (NY-8.EE.8c) System problems
  1. (NY-8.F.1) Functions defined
  2. (NY-8.F.2) Compare properties
  3. (NY-8.F.3) Linear functions
  4. (NY-8.F.4) Linear model
  5. (NY-8.F.5) Functional relationship
  1. (NY-8.G.1) Properties of transformations
  2. (NY-8.G.2) Congruence and rigid motions
  3. (NY-8.G.3) Effects of transformations
  4. (NY-8.G.4) Similarity transformations
  5. (NY-8.G.5) Angle relationships
  6. (NY-8.G.6) Pythagorean Theorem
  7. (NY-8.G.7) Find side lengths
  8. (NY-8.G.8) Distance
  9. (NY-8.G.9) Volume Formulas
  1. (NY-8.SP.1) Bivariate data
  2. (NY-8.SP.2) Linear models
  3. (NY-8.SP.3) Use linear functions

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