New York Global History Regents (CCLS) Practice

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Ancient World8%
Expanding Zones of Exchange8%
Global Interactions10%
First Global Age16%
Age of Revolution20%
Crisis and Achievement (1900-1945)14%
20th Century Since 194516%
Global Connections & Interactions8%
  • Questions: 2,536
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 188
  • Instructional Videos: 210
  • Vocabulary Terms: 746

Test Standards

Ancient World
1. (I.A.2,3,4,5)  Early Peoples
2. (I.B.2,3,4)  Neolithic Revolution
3. (I.C.2,3,4,5)  Classical China
4. (I.C2.2,3,4,5)  Classical Greece
5. (I.C3.2,3,4,5)  Roman Republic
6. (I.C4.2,3,4,5)  Maurya Empire
7. (I.C5.2,3,4,5)  Classical Mesoamerica
8. (I.C6.  Classical Women
9. (I.C7.2,3,4)  Global Trade
10. (I.D.1)  Rise And Fall Of Empires
11. (I.E.1,2)  Belief Systems
Expanding Zones of Exchange
1. (II.A.2,3)  Gupta Empire
2. (II.B.2.3)  Tang & Song Dynasties
3. (II.C.2,3,4,5)  Byzantine Empire
4. (II.D.2,3,4,5)  Early Russia
5. (II.E.2,3)  Islam Spreads
6. (II.F.2,3,4,5)  Medieval Europe
7. (II.G.2,3,4)  The Crusades
Global Interactions
1. (III.A.1,2,3,4,5)  Early Japanese History
2. (III.B.2,3,4,5)  The Mongols
3. (III.C.2,3,4)  Global Trade & Interactions
4. (III.D.2,3,4)  African Civilizations
5. (III.E.2,3,4,5)  The Plague
6. (III.F.2.3.5)  The Renaissance
7. (III.G.2)  Reformation & Counter Reformation
8. (III.H.5)  Rise Of Nation-States
First Global Age
1. (IV.A.2,3,4)  The Ming Dynasty
2. (IV.B.2,3,4)  The Ottoman Empire
3. (IV.C.5)  Spain & Portugal
4. (IV.D.2,3,4,5)  Aztecs & Incas
5. (IV.E.2-4)  The Columbian Exchange
6. (IV.F.2,5)  Global Absolutism
7. (IV.G.5)  Response To Absolutism
Age of Revolution
1. (V.A.2)  The Scientific Revolution
2. (V.B.5)  The Enlightenment
3. (V.C.1,2,3,4,5)  Era Of Revolutions
4. (V.D.1,2,3,4,5)  Reactions Against Revolution
5. (V.E.2,3,4,5)  Latin America
6. (V.F.2,3,4,5)  Global Nationalism
7. (V.G.2,3,4,5)  Economic & Social Revolutions
8. (V.H.2,3,4,5)  Imperialism
9. (V.I.2,3,4,5)  The Meiji Restoration
Crisis and Achievement (1900-1945)
1. (VI.A.2,3,4,5)  World War I
2. (VI.B.2,3,4,5)  The Russian Revolution
3. (VI.C.2,3,4,5)  Between The Wars
4. (VI.D.1,2,3,4,5)  World War II
20th Century Since 1945
1. (VII.A.1,2,3,4,5)  Cold War Beginnings
2. (VII.B.1,2,3,4,5)  The United Nations
3. (VII.C)  Post-War Economics
4. (VII.D.2,3,4,5)  Communist Revolution In China
5. (VII.E.2,5)  Collapse Of Imperialism
6. (VII.F.1-5)  Conflict/Change In The Middle East
7. (VII.G.1,2,3,4,5)  Collapse Of Communism
8. (VII.H.5)  Latin America Change
Global Connections & Interactions
1. (VIII.A.1-5)  Patterns Of Change
2. (VIII.B.1,2,4)  Economic Issues
3. (VIII.C.1-5)  The Environment
4. (VIII.D.1,2,3,4,5)  Science & Technology