New York U.S. History and Government Regents (CCLS) Practice

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Constitutional Foundations24%
Industrialization of the U.S.16%
Progressive Responses12%
At Home and Abroad12%
U.S. in the Age of Global Crisis14%
World in Uncertain Times: 1950-198012%
World in Uncertain Times: 1980-Present6%
  • Questions: 3,322
  • Two-Part Items: 71
  • Vocabulary Terms: 1,063
  • Performance Tasks: 260
  • Instructional Videos: 313

Test Standards

1. (I.A.1-3)  Physical/Cultural Setting
2. (I.B.1-5)  Role Of Geography
3. (I.C.1-5)  Geographic Issues Today
4. (I.C.1-5)  Demographics
Constitutional Foundations
1. (II.I.A.1)  Foundations: Enlightenment
2. (II.I.A.2)  Peopling Of America
3. (II.I.A.3)  Colonial Experience
4. (II.I.A.4)  Revolution & Independence
5. (II.I.A.5)  New York Constitution
6. (II.I.A.6,7)  Early Governing
7. (II.I.B)  Constitutional Convention
8. (II.I.C)  The Bill Of Rights
9. (II.I.D)  The Three Branches
10. (II.I.E)  Basic Principles
11. (II.I.F)  Implementing The Constitution
12. (II.II.A)  Unifying The U.S., 1789-1861
13. (II.II.B.1)  Sectional Differences
14. (II.II.B.2)  Expansion Of Rights
15. (II.II.B.3)  States' Rights
16. (II.II.C)  Territorial Expansion
17. (II.II.D)  The American Civil War
Industrialization of the U.S.
1. (III.I.A)  Reconstruction Plans
2. (III.I.B)  The North
3. (III.I.C)  The New South
4. (III.I.D)  The End Of Reconstruction
5. (III.I.E)  Impact Of The War
6. (III.II.A)  Economic Transformation
7. (II.II.B)  Growth Of Industry
8. (III.II.C)  Entrepreneurs
9. (III.II.D)  New Practices
10. (III.II.E)  Labor's Response
11. (III.II.F)  Agrarian Response
12. (III.III.A)  Impact Of Industrialization
13. (III.III.B)  Immigration, 1850-1924
14. (III.III.C)  "New" Immigration
15. (III.III.D)  The Frontier
Progressive Responses
1. (IV.I.A)  Pressure For Reform
2. (IV.I.B)  Progress
3. (IV.I.C.1,2,3)  Progressivism: To T. Roosevelt
4. (IV.I.C.4,5)  Progressivism: Woodrow Wilson
5. (IV.II.A)  Global Involvement
6. (IV.II.B)  Restraint & Involvement: 1914-1920
7. (IV.II.C)  World War I: The Home Front
8. (IV.II.D)  The Search For Peace
At Home and Abroad
1. (V.I.A)  Impact Of War
2. (V.I.B)  1920s Boom
3. (V.I.C.1)  Mass Consumption
4. (V.I.C.2)  Constitutional Issues
5. (V.I.C.3)  Shifting Cultural Values
6. (V.II.A)  Onset Of The Depression
7. (V.II.B)  FDR & The New Deal
8. (V.II.C.7,8)  The Depression: Culture And Opposition
U.S. in the Age of Global Crisis
1. (VI.I.A)  Isolation & Neutrality
2. (VI.I.B)  Failure Of Peace
3. (VI.I.C.1-4)  The U.S. In World War II
4. (VI.I.5,6)  The War's Impact
5. (VI.I.C.6)  Demobilization
6. (VI.II.A.)  International Peace
7. (VI.II.B)  Expansion & Containment
8. (VI.II.C)  Containment Elsewhere
9. (VI.II.D)  The Cold War At Home
World in Uncertain Times: 1950-1980
1. (VII.I.A)  Changes In The U.S.
2. (VII.II.A&B)  Postwar Events
3. (VII.II.B)  Eisenhower's Foreign Policy
4. (VII.II.C.1)  Eisenhower Peace
5. (VII.II.C.2)  Civil Rights (1947-1960)
6. (VII.II.D)  The People (1950s)
7. (VII.III.A.1)  JFK: The New Frontier
8. (VII.III.A.2)  JFK: Foreign Policy
9. (VII.III.A.3)  Rights Of The Disabled
10. (VII.III.B.1)  Johnson: The Great Society
11. (VII.III.B.2)  The Moon Landing
12. (VII.III.B.3)  The Civil Rights Movement (1960-1970)
13. (VII.III.B.4)  Demands For Equality: Women
14. (VII.III.B.5)  Hispanic-Americans
15. (VII.III.B.6)  AIM And Other Protests
16. (VII.III.B.7&8)  Supreme Court Decisions
17. (VII.IV.A)  Vietnam: Sacrifice & Turmoil
18. (VII.V.A.1)  Nixon: Domestic Policies
19. (VII.V.A.2)  Nixon: Internationalism
20. (VII.V.A.3)  Nixon: The Presidency In Crisis
21. (VII.V.B)  Ford & Carter
World in Uncertain Times: 1980-Present
1. (VII.V.C)  Reagan, Bush, & Conservatism
2. (VII.V.D)  Old Problems, New Approaches
3. (VII.V.E)  US's New Image
4. (VII.V.F)  Trade Imbalance
5. (VII.V.G)  US & USSR (1980-1988)
6. (VII.VI.A)  G.H.W. Bush: Domestic Issues
7. (VII.VI.A.3)  G.H.W. Bush: Foreign Policy Issues
8. (VII.VI.B)  Clinton: Domestic Issues
9. (VII.VI.B.2)  Clinton: Foreign Policy Issues