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Biology EOC OLS Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (BIO.1.a.) Cellular Genetics
  2. (BIO.1.b.) DNA
  3. (BIO.1.c.) Inheritance
  4. (BIO.1.d.) Mutations
  5. (BIO.1.e.) Modern Genetics
  1. (BIO.2.a.) Natural Selection
  2. (BIO.2.b.) Mutation
  3. (BIO.2.c.) Genetic Drift
  4. (BIO.2.d.) Gene Flow
  5. (BIO.2.e.) Sexual Selection
  6. (BIO.2.f.) History of Life on Earth
  7. (BIO.2.g.) Speciation and Biological Classification
  8. (BIO.2.h.) Biodiversity and Populations
  1. (BIO.3.a.) Classification Systems
  2. (BIO.3.b.) Ecosystems-Homeostasis and Carrying Capacity
  3. (BIO.3.c.) Ecosystems: Equilibrium and Disequilibrium
  1. (BIO.4.a.) Cell Structure
  2. (BIO.4.b.) Eukaryotic Cells and Prokaryotic Cells
  3. (BIO.4.c.) Cell Processes
  4. (BIO.4.d.) Cell Division

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