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Environmental Science (OLS) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 374
  • Performance Tasks 136
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Test Standards

  1. (ENV.ES.1a) Biosphere: Evolution and Adaptation
  2. (ENV.ES.1b) Biosphere: Biodiversity
  3. (ENV.ES.1c) Biosphere: Ecosystems
  4. (ENV.ES.1d) Biosphere: Populations
  5. (ENV.ES.2) Atmosphere
  6. (ENV.ES.3) Lithosphere
  7. (ENV.ES.4a) Hydrosphere: Currents
  8. (ENV.ES.4b) Hydrosphere: Flow
  9. (ENV.ES.4c) Hydrosphere: Cryosphere
  10. (ENV.ES.5a) Matter and Energy: Transformation
  11. (ENV.ES.6b) Matter and Energy: Cycles
  12. (ENV.ES.6c) Matter and Energy: Ecosystems
  13. (ENV.ES.6d) Matter and Energy: Weather
  14. (ENV.ES.6e) Matter and Energy: Climate
  1. (ENV.ER.1a) Energy Resources: Renewable vs. Nonrenewable
  2. (ENV.ER.1b) Energy Resources: Alternate Energy
  3. (ENV.ER.1c) Energy Resources: Availability
  4. (ENV.ER.1d) Energy Resources: Mining
  5. (ENV.ER.2a) Air and Air Pollution: Contaminants
  6. (ENV.ER.2b) Air and Air Pollution: Greenhouse Gases
  7. (ENV.ER.2c) Air and Air Pollution: Clean Air Act
  8. (ENV.ER.3a) Water and Water Pollution: Quality
  9. (ENV.ER.3b) Water and Water Pollution: Hypoxia
  10. (ENV.ER.3c) Water and Water Pollution: Clean Water Act
  11. (ENV.ER.3d) Water and Water Pollution: Contamination
  12. (ENV.ER.4a) Soil and Land: Desertification
  13. (ENV.ER.4b) Soil and Land: Erosion
  14. (ENV.ER.4c) Soil and Land: Sediment
  15. (ENV.ER.4d) Soil and Land: Land Use)
  16. (ENV.ER.4e) Soil and Land: Solid Waste
  17. (ENV.ER.5a) Wildlife and Wilderness: Management
  18. (ENV.ER.5b) Wildlife and Wilderness: Invasive Species
  19. (ENV.ER.5c) Wildlife and Wilderness: Introduced Species
  1. (ENV.GP.1) Human Population
  2. (ENV.GP.2) Water Quality
  3. (ENV.GP.3) Climate change
  4. (ENV.GP.4) Sustainability
  5. (ENV.GP.5) Species Extinction
  6. (ENV.GP.6) Air Quality
  7. (ENV.GP.7) Food
  8. (ENV.GP.8) Deforestation
  9. (ENV.GP.9) Waste Management

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