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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in Ohio. Our OGT Math practice and curriculum review is aligned to the most current Ohio standards. Request your free trial and see why our users say USATestprep has improved their students' pass rates.

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  • Vocabulary Terms 385
  • Performance Tasks 223
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Test Standards

  1. (N1.A) scientific notation
  2. (N1.B) subsets of real numbers
  3. (N1.C) properties of operations
  4. (N1.D) representations
  5. (N1.E) compare and order
  6. (N1.F) magnitude of quantities
  7. (N1.G) estimate, compute, solve
  8. (N1.H) square roots
  9. (N1.I) solve problems
  1. (M1.A) measurement problems
  2. (M1.B) formulas
  3. (M1.C) indirect measurement
  4. (M1.D) proportional reasoning
  5. (M1.E) estimate and compute
  6. (M1.F) real world problems
  1. (G1.A) define figures
  2. (G1.B) similar and congruent
  3. (G1.C) angle relationships
  4. (G1.D) coordinate geometry
  5. (G1.E) construct representations
  6. (G1.F) transformations
  7. (G1.G) prove and disprove
  8. (G1.H) validity of conjectures
  9. (G1.I) trigonometry
  1. (P1.A) patterns and sequences
  2. (P1.B) linear/nonlinear
  3. (P1.C) representations
  4. (P1.D) algebraic representations
  5. (P1.E) analyze and compare
  6. (P1.F) linear eqns/ineqs
  7. (P1.G) quadratic equations
  8. (P1.H) systems
  9. (P1.I) variation
  10. (P1.J) rates of change
  1. (D1.A) graphical displays
  2. (D1.B) appropriate representaions
  3. (D1.C) measures of center
  4. (D1.D) measure of center/spread
  5. (D1.E) claim validity
  6. (D1.F) convincing arguments
  7. (D1.G) sampling methods
  8. (D1.H) counting techniques
  9. (D1.I) design experiments
  10. (D1.J) compute probabilities
  11. (D1.K) make predictions

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