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Science OGT Practice and Test Prep

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in Ohio. Our OGT Science practice and curriculum review is aligned to the most current Ohio standards. Request your free trial and see why our customers say USATestprep has improved their students' pass rates.

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  • Questions 4,140
  • Vocabulary Terms 434
  • Performance Tasks 253
  • Instructional Videos 86

Test Standards

  1. (1.A) Composition and Scale Physical Universe
  2. (1.B) Patterns on Earth's Systems
  3. (1.C) Earth's History
  4. (1.D) Nature of Natural Resources
  5. (1.E) Earth's Surface
  6. (1.F) Earth and Space Theories
  1. (2.A) Cell Theory
  2. (2.B) Characteristics of Life
  3. (2.C) Genetics and Heredity
  4. (2.D) Energy and Matter in Systems
  5. (2.E) Evolutionary Relationships and Diversity
  6. (2.F) Ecosystems
  7. (2.G) Humans and Natural Systems
  8. (2.H) Theory of Biological Evolution
  9. (2.I) Natural Selection
  10. (2.J) Theories of Life Sciences
  1. (3.A) Atomic Theory
  2. (3.B) Formation of Substances
  3. (3.C) Physical Properties
  4. (3.D) Newton's Laws of Motion
  5. (3.E) Potential an Kinetic Energy
  6. (3.F) Conservation of Energy
  7. (3.G) Wave Energy
  8. (3.H) Theories of Atoms, Molecules, and Physical Science
  1. (4.A) Society and Technological Design
  2. (4.B) Science and Technology
  1. (5.A) Scientific Method
  1. (6.A) Scientific Knowledge
  2. (6.B) Guiding Scientific Inquiry
  3. (6.C) Ethics and Science
  4. (6.D) Scientific Literacy

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