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Physical Geology (OLS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,660
  • Vocabulary Terms 415
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Test Standards

  1. (PG.M.1) Atoms and Elements
  2. (PG.M.2) Bonding
  3. (PG.M.3) Crystals
  4. (PG.M.4) Mineral
  5. (PG.M.5) Properties of Minerals
  1. (PG.IMS.1a) Igneous: Mafic and Felsic
  2. (PG.IMS.1b) Igneous: Intrusive
  3. (PG.IMS.1c) Igneous: Interior
  4. (PG.IMS.1d) Igneous: Magnetic
  5. (PG.IMS.1e) Igneous: Thermal Energy
  6. (PG.IMS.1f) Igneous: Extrusive
  7. (PG.IMS.1g) Igneous: Bowen's Reaction Series
  8. (PG.IMS.2a) Metamorphic: Forces
  9. (PG.IMS.2b) Metamorphic: Foliated or Non-Foliated
  10. (PG.IMS.2c) Metamorphic: Parent Rock
  11. (PG.IMS.2d) Metamorphic: Zones
  1. (PG.EH.1a) The Geologic Rock Record: Age
  2. (PG.EH.1b) The Geologic Rock Record: Relative Age
  3. (PG.EH.1c) Absolute Age
  4. (PG.EH.1d) The Geologic Rock Record: Combining Ages
  5. (PG.EH.1e) The Geologic Rock Record: Geologic Time Scale
  1. (PG.PT.1) Internal Earth: Seismic Waves
  2. (PG.PT.2a) Structure of Earth: Asthenosphere
  3. (PG.PT.2b) Structure of Earth: Lithosphere
  4. (PG.PT.2c) Structure of Earth: Moho
  5. (PG.PT.2d) Structure of Earth: Composition
  6. (PG.PT.2e) Structure of Earth: Gravity, Magnetism, and Isostasy
  7. (PG.PT.2f) Structure of Earth: Thermal Energy
  8. (PG.PT.3a) Historical Review: Paleomagnetism
  9. (PG.PT.3b) Historical Review: Paleoclimatology
  10. (PG.PT.4a) Plate Motion: Causes and Evidence
  11. (PG.PT.4b) Plate Motion: Measuring
  12. (PG.PT.4c) Plate Motion: Types of Plates
  13. (PG.PT.4d) Plate Motion: Movement and Events
  14. (PG.PT.4e) Plate Motion: Plumes
  1. (PG.ER.1a) Energy Resources: Renewable and Nonrenewable
  2. (PG.ER.1b) Energy Resources: Alternate Energy
  3. (PG.ER.1c) Energy Resources: Availability
  4. (PG.ER.1d) Energy Resources: Mining
  5. (PG.ER.2a) Air: Contaminants
  6. (PG.ER.2b) Air: Greenhouse Gases
  7. (PG.ER.3a) Water: Quality
  8. (PG.ER.3b) Water: Hypoxia
  9. (PG.ER.4a) Soil and Sediment: Desertification
  10. (PG.ER.4b) Soil and Sediment: Erosion
  11. (PG.ER.4c) Soil and Sediment: Sediment
  1. (PG.GG.1a) Glaciers and Glaciation: Evidence
  2. (PG.GG.1b) Glaciers and Glaciation: Deposition and Erosion
  3. (PG.GG.1c) Glaciers and Glaciation: Ice Core
  4. (PG.GG.1d) Glaciers and Glaciation: Distribution
  5. (PG.GG.1e) Glaciers and Glaciation: Types
  6. (PG.GG.1f) Glaciers and Glaciation: Structure and Movement

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