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Physical Science (OLS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (PS.M.1a) Classification of Matter: Heterogeneous and Homogeneous
  2. (PS.M.1b) Classification of Matter: Properties of Matter
  3. (PS.M.1c.) Classification of Matter: States of Matter
  4. (PS.M.2a) Atoms: Models of the Atom
  5. (PS.M.2b) Atoms: Ions
  6. (PS.M.2c) Atoms: Isotopes
  7. (PS.M.3a) Periodic Trends of the Elements: Periodic Law
  8. (PS.M.3b) Periodic Trends of the Elements: Representative Groups
  9. (PS.M.4a) Bonding and Compounds: Bonds
  10. (PS.M.4b) Bonding and Compounds: Nomenclature
  11. (PS.M.5a) Chemical Reactions and Reactions of Matter: Chemical Reactions
  12. (PS.M.5b) Reactions of Matter: Nuclear Reactions
  1. (PS.EW.1a) Conservation of Energy: Kinetic Energy
  2. (PS.EW.1b) Conservation of Energy: Gravitational Potential Energy
  3. (PS.EW.2) Transfer and Transformation of Energy
  4. (PS.EW.3a) Waves: Properties
  5. (PW.EW.3b) Waves: Rediant Energy
  6. (PW.EW.3c) Waves: Doppler Shift
  7. (PS.EW.4) Thermal Energy
  8. (PS.EW.5a) Electricity: Movement of Electrons
  9. (PS.EW.5b) Electricity: Current
  10. (PS.EW.5c) Electricity: Electric Potential (Voltage)
  11. (PS.EW.5d) Electricity: Resistors and Transfer of Energy
  1. (PS.FM.1a) Motion: Introduction to One-Dimensional Vectors
  2. (PS.FM.1b) Motion: Displacement, Velocity (Constant, Average and Instantaneous) and Acceleration
  3. (PS.FM.3c) Motion: Time Graphs
  4. (PS.FM.2a) Forces: Force Diagrams
  5. (PS.FM.2b) Forces: Types of Forces
  6. (PS.FM.2c) Forces: Forces at a Distance
  7. (PS.FM.3a) Dynamics: Objects at Rest
  8. (PS.FM.2b) Dynamics: Constant Velocity
  9. (PS.FM.3c) Dynamics: Accelerating Objects
  1. (PS.U.1) History of the Universe
  2. (PS.U.2) Galaxies
  3. (PS.U.3a) Stars: Formation
  4. (PS.U.3b) Stars: Fusion

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