Physics (OLS) Practice

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Motion 20%
Momentum and Motion 20%
Energy 20%
Waves 20%
Electricity and Magnetism 20%
  • Questions 1,991
  • Vocabulary Terms 365
  • Performance Tasks 194
  • Instructional Videos 91

Test Standards

1. (P.M.1)  Motion Graphs
2. (P.M.2)  Problen Solving
3. (P.M.3)  Projectile Motion
Momentum and Motion
1. (P.F.1)  Newton's Laws
2. (P.F.2)  Gravity
3. (P.F.3)  Elastic Forces
4. (P.F.4)  Friction
5. (P.F.5)  Air
6. (P.F.6a)  Forces in Two Directions: Adding Vectors
7. (P.F.6b)  Forces in Two Directions: Inclines
8. (P.F.6c)  Forces in Two Directions: Centripetal and Circular
9. (P.F.7)  Momentum
1. (P.E.1)  Gravitational Potential Energy
2. (P.E.2)  Energy in Springs
3. (P.E.3)  Work and Power
4. (P.E.4)  Conservation of Energy
5. (P.E.5)  Nuclear Energy
1. (P.W.1)  Wave Properties
2. (P.W.2)  Light Phenomena
Electricity and Magnetism
1. (P.EM.1)  Charging
2. (P.EM.2)  Coulomb's Law
3. (P.EM.3)  Electric Fields
4. (P.EM.4a)  DC Circuits: Ohm's Law
5. (P.EM.4b-d)  DC Circuits: Series, Parallel, and Mixed
6. (P.EM.4e)  DC Circuits: Conservation
7. (P.EM.5)  Magnetic Fields
8. (P.EM.6)  Electromagnetic Interactions