Ohio OGT Social Studies (Old Standards) Practice

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People in Societies9%
Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities 9%
Social Studies Skills & Methods22%
  • Questions: 1,362
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 80
  • Instructional Videos: 100
  • Vocabulary Terms: 565

Test Standards

1. (1.A)  The Enlightenment
2. (1.B)  Industrialization
3. (1.C)  Imperialism
4. (1.D)  World War I To World War II
5. (1.E)  World War II & The Cold War
6. (1.F)  U.S. & The 20th Century
People in Societies
1. (2.A)  Cultural Perspectives
2. (2.B)  Cultural Conflict
3. (2.C)  Cultural Exchanges
1. (3.A)  Defining Regions
2. (3.B)  Human Activity
3. (3.C)  Movement Of People
1. (4.A)  Economic Systems
2. (4.B)  U.S. Government & The Economy
1. (5.A)  The Evolving Constitution
2. (5.B)  Forms Of Government
Citizenship Rights & Responsibilities
1. (6.A)  Political Change
2. (6.B)  Individual Rights
Social Studies Skills & Methods
1. (7.A)  Sources
2. (7.B)  Using Data