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3rd Grade Science (OLS) Practice

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Discover the most effective and comprehensive online solution for curriculum mastery, high-stakes testing, and assessment in . Our 3rd Grade Science (OLS) curriculum and test review is aligned to the most current standards.

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  • Questions 707
  • Vocabulary Terms 115
  • Performance Tasks 52
  • Instructional Videos 35

Test Standards

  1. (3.ESS.1) Nonliving Properties
  2. (3.ESS.2) Energy Resources
  3. (3.ESS.3) Limited Resources
  1. (3.LS.1) Offspring Resemble Parents
  2. (3.LS.2) Different Traits
  3. (3.LS.3) Life Cycles
  1. (3.PS.1) Composed of Matter
  2. (3.PS.2) States and Properties
  3. (3.PS.3) Forms of Energy

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