OSTP and EOI Practice Tests & Curriculum Reviews

100% Oklahoma Standards-Aligned Resources

Our resources match all OK State DOE posted guidelines for the state. Summative and formative assessments track progress for each student at the standard level.

Oklahoma High School

The most effective and comprehensive online solution for students needing help with practice for the OSTP and EOI.

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Oklahoma Middle School

Improve student performance! We’ve got Oklahoma middle school standards covered from OSTP testing to PSAT prep.

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Oklahoma Elementary School

Excite young learners with thousands of OSTP standards-aligned items.

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"This program is the best I have used in 14 years of teaching. I would highly recommend this product to other educators!"

Stacy T.

Surpass District Benchmarks Prepare Students For High-stakes Assessments Quickly Identify Strengths & Weaknesses

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Formative and summative assessments in minutes

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Powerful guided remediation helps students master standards

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Daily classroom tools save time and make learning fun

Pay-per-year (not per user) with no administrative fees, no assessment charges, unlimited users, and a year-round dedicated customer success manager.

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"This is one of the best remediation AND enrichment tools I have ever used."

David K.

Oklahoma Educator Round-up

Here's what our Oklahoma educators reported about their use of USATestprep:


Increased Student Engagement


Increased Academic Confidence


Improved Achievement & Standards Mastery

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Oklahoma 's Success

Meet Your Oklahoma Customer Success Manager

Sharon Valeris
We assign a designated customer success manager to every account. Sharon is a former teacher who has helped hundreds of educators and administrators find success with USATestprep. She is available to assist with questions, training, and to ensure you receive the best value for your time and investment.

"As a classroom teacher, USATP was phenomenal piece of the puzzle I used to ensure students were mastering content and progressing toward goals…"

Shane P.