8th Grade Science (OAS) Practice

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Physical Science35%
Life Science25%
Earth and Space Science40%
Also includes:
  • Science Process and Inquiry
  • Questions: 1,556
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 153
  • Instructional Videos: 71
  • Vocabulary Terms: 284

Test Standards

Science Process and Inquiry
1. (P3.6)  Hazards
2. (P1.1)  Qualitative Quantitative Changes
3. (P1.2)  Use Appropriate Tools
4. (P1.3)  SI Units
5. (P2.1)  Observable Properties
6. (P2.2)  Ordered Properties
7. (P3.2)  Evaluate Design
8. (P3.3)  Identify Variables
9. (P3.6)  Hazards And Safety Procedures
10. (P4.2)  Interpret Data Tables
11. (P4.3)  Evaluate Data
Physical Science
1. (MS-PS1-3)  Structure And Properties Of Matter
2. (MS-PS1-5)  Conservation Of Matter
3. (MS-PS1-6)  Energy Transfer And Transformation
4. (MS-PS2-1)  Newton's 3rd Law Of Motion
5. (MS-PS2-2)  Force = Mass X Acceleration
6. (MS-PS4-1)  Waves - Energy And Amplitude
7. (MS-PS4-2)  Waves - Reflection, Absorption, Transmission
8. (MS-PS4-3)  Waves And Information Transmission
Life Science
1. (MS-LS1-7)  Organization For Matter And Energy Flow In Organisms
2. (MS-LS4-1)  Fossil Record Tracks Changes In Life
3. (MS-LS4-2)  Evidence Of Ancestral Relationships
Earth and Space Science
1. (MS-ESS1-4)  Relative Dating And Earth's History
2. (MS-ESS2-1)  Cycling Of Matter And Flow Of Energy On Earth
3. (MS-ESS2-2)  Changes In Earth
4. (MS-ESS2-3)  Plate Tectonics
5. (MS-ESS3-1)  Non-Renewable And Renewable Natural Resources
6. (MS-ESS3-2)  Forecasting Geologic Events
7. (MS-ESS3-4)  Human Impact On Earth Systems