Oklahoma 8th Grade US History (OAS) Practice

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Causes and Events of the American Revolution16%
The Revolutionary Era12%
Developing the American Government System20%
Transformation of the U.S. to the mid-1800s32%
Causes, Events, and Leadership in the Civil War20%
  • Questions: 941
  • Two-Part Items: 19
  • Vocabulary Terms: 206
  • Performance Tasks: 78
  • Instructional Videos: 70

Test Standards

Causes and Events of the American Revolution
1. (1.1)  Effects Of The French & Indian War
2. (1.2.A.B.C)  Causes Of The Revolution
3. (1.3.A.B.C.D.E)  The War Of Ideology
4. (1.4.A.B.C.D)  The Declaration Of Independence
The Revolutionary Era
1. (2.1)  The Articles Of Confederation
2. (2.2.A.B.C)  Motivations For Independence
3. (2.3.A.B.C.D.E.F)  Fighting The War
Developing the American Government System
1. (3.1.A.B.C.D.E.F)  Weaknesses Of The Articles Of Confederation
2. (3.2)  The Constitutional Convention
3. (3.3)  Ratifying The Constitution
4. (3.4)  Principles Of The Constitution
5. (3.5)  The Bill Of Rights
Transformation of the U.S. to the mid-1800s
1. (4.1.A & B)  Washington's Presidency
2. (4.1.C & D)  Adams Presidency
3. (4.1.E & F)  Jefferson Presidency
4. (4.1.G.H.I)  Monroe Presidency
5. (4.2.A.B.C)  Jacksonian Era
6. (4.3)  Sectional Differences
7. (4.4)  Resistance To Slavery
8. (4.5)  Abolition And Women's Movements
9. (4.6.A.B.C.D)  Manifest Destiny
Causes, Events, and Leadership in the Civil War
1. (5.1.A.B.C.D)  Slavery And Sectionalism
2. (5.2.A-E)  The Election Of 1860
3. (5.3)  North Vs. South
4. (5.4.A & B)  Civil War: 1860-1863
5. (5.4.C & D)  Civil War: 1863
6. (5.4.E - G)  Civil War: 1864-1865