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Algebra I (OAS) Practice

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Test Standards

  1. (A1.N.1.1) Roots of monomials
  2. (A1.N.1.2) Operate with roots
  1. (A1.A.1.1 ) Represent and solve
  2. (A1.A.1.2 ) Absolute value equations
  3. (A1.A.1.3 ) Systems problems
  4. (A1.A.2.1 ) Linear inequalities
  5. (A1.A.2.2 ) Compound/absolute value inequalities
  6. (A1.A.2.3 ) Linear inequality systems
  7. (A1.A.3.1) Solve for variable
  8. (A1.A.3.2) Simplify polynomials
  9. (A1.A.3.3) Monomial factors
  10. (A1.A.3.4) Evaluate expressions
  11. (A1.A.3.5) Arithmetic sequences
  12. (A1.A.3.6) Geometric sequences
  13. (A1.A.4.1) Slope and intercepts
  14. (A1.A.4.2) Line pair problems
  15. (A1.A.4.3) Express linear equations
  16. (A1.A.4.4) Graph and situation
  1. (A1.F.1.1) Relations and functions
  2. (A1.F.1.2) Domain and range
  3. (A1.F.1.3) Write linear functions
  4. (A1.F.1.4) Piecewise functions
  5. (A1.F.2.1) Linear and nonlinear
  6. (A1.F.2.2) Graph transformations
  7. (A1.F.3.1) Equivalent representations
  8. (A1.F.3.2) Use function notation
  9. (A1.F.3.3) Function arithmetic
  1. (A1.D.1.1) Describe and display data
  2. (A1.D.1.2) Collect data
  3. (A1.D.1.3) Discrete or continuous
  4. (A1.D.2.1) Counting procedures
  5. (A1.D.2.2) Set concepts
  6. (A1.D.2.3) Experimental probability
  7. (A1.D.2.4) Make decisions

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