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English I (OAS) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 290
  • Performance Tasks 290
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Test Standards

  1. (9.2.R.1) Summarize, paraphrase, generalize
  2. (9.2.R.2) Analyze for genres
  3. (9.2.R.3) Synthesize main ideas
  4. (9.2.W.1) Focus, organization, coherent
  5. (9.2.W.2) Plan and prewrite
  6. (9.2.W.3) Organizational structure
  7. (9.2.W.4) Edit and revise
  8. (9.2.W.5) Spell correctly
  1. (9.3.R.1) Analyze and compare methods
  2. (9.3.R.2 ) Points of view
  3. (9.3.R.3) Literary elements
  4. (9.3.R.4) Literary devices
  5. (9.3.R.5) Evaluate text evidence
  6. (9.3.R.6) Infer connections
  7. (9.3.R.7) Make connections
  8. (9.3.W.1) Write narratives
  9. (9.3.W.2) Essays and reports
  10. (9.3.W.3) Elaborate on ideas
  11. (9.3.W.4) Introduce claims
  12. (9.3.W.5) Show relationships
  13. (9.3.W.6) Effective arguments
  1. (9.4.R.1) Infer meanings
  2. (9.4.R.2) Use word parts
  3. (9.4.R.3) Context clues
  4. (9.4.R.4) Word relationships
  5. (9.4.R.5) Use references
  6. (9.4.W.1) Communicate ideas
  7. (9.4.W.2) Select language for effect
  1. (9.5.R.1) Structures, phrases, clauses
  2. (9.5.R.2) Active and passive voice
  3. (9.5.R.3) Verb tense shifts
  4. (9.5.R.4) Subject verb agreement
  5. (9.5.W.1) Mechanics
  6. (9.5.W.2) Compose sentence types
  7. (9.5.W.3) Parallel structure
  8. (9.5.W.4) Use phrases and clauses
  1. (9.6.R.1 ) Use research questions
  2. (9.6.R.2) Follow guidelines
  3. (9.6.R.3) Relevance, reliability, and validity
  4. (9.6.W.1) Write independently
  5. (9.6.W.2) Formulate and refine a question
  6. (9.6.W.3) Quote, paraphrase, summarize
  7. (9.6.W.4) Summarize and present
  1. (9.7.R.1) Analyze techniques
  2. (9.7.R.2) Analyze impact
  3. (9.7.W.1) Create content
  4. (9.7.W.2) Create presentations

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