Geometry (OAS) Practice

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Geometry: Reasoning & Logic 14%
Geometry: Two-Dimensional Shapes 41%
Geometry: Three-Dimensional Shapes 9%
Geometry: Circles 18%
Geometry: Right Triangle Trigonometry 18%
  • Questions 2,463
  • Vocabulary Terms 121
  • Performance Tasks 113
  • Instructional Videos 64

Test Standards

Geometry: Reasoning & Logic
1. (G.RL.1.1)  Terms, definitions, etc.
2. (G.RL.1.2)  Draw conclusions
3. (G.RL.1.3)  Validity and counterexamples
Geometry: Two-Dimensional Shapes
1. (G.2D.1.1)  Parallel and perpendicular
2. (G.2D.1.2)  Angles
3. (G.2D.1.3)  Angle sums
4. (G.2D.1.4)  Quadrilaterals
5. (G.2D.1.5)  Coordinate geometry
6. (G.2D.1.6)  Perimeter and area
7. (G.2D.1.7)  Polygons
8. (G.2D.1.8)  Prove congruence and similarity
9. (G.2D.1.9)  Use transformations
Geometry: Three-Dimensional Shapes
1. (G.3D.1.1)  Surface area and volume
2. (G.3D.1.2)  Similar 3D figures
Geometry: Circles
1. (G.C.1.1)  Circumference and area
2. (G.C.1.2)  Circle relationshios
3. (G.C.1.3)  Circle equations
4. (G.C.1.4)  Distance and midpoint
Geometry: Right Triangle Trigonometry
1. (G.RT.1.1)  Distance formula and Pythagorean Theorem
2. (G.RT.1.2)  Right triangles
3. (G.RT.1.3)  Trig function definitions
4. (G.RT.1.4)  Apply trig functions