United States Government (OAS 2019) Practice

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Forms of Government 13%
Foundation of U.S. Government 16%
Principles of American Government 29%
Branches of Government 13%
Civic Participation 16%
Public Policy 13%
  • Questions 1,112
  • Vocabulary Terms 303
  • Performance Tasks 88
  • Instructional Videos 96

Test Standards

Forms of Government
1. (USG.1.1)  Limited & Unlimited Governments
2. (USG.1.2)  Systems of Government
3. (USG.1.3)  Distribution of Power
4. (USG.1.4 )  Market & Command Economies
Foundation of U.S. Government
1. (USG.2.1)  Historic Foundations
2. (USG.2.2)  National Documents
3. (USG.2.3)  Distributing Power
4. (USG.2.4)  The Federalist Papers
5. (USG.2.5)  Amending the Constitution
Principles of American Government
1. (USG.3.1-3.3)  Federalism
2. (USG.3.4)  Tribal Governments
3. (USG.3.5)  The Commerce Clause
4. (USG.3.6.A-C)  Separation of Powers
5. (USG.3.7)  The Rule of Law
6. (USG.3.8)  Majority Rule v. Minority Rights
7. (USG.3.9)  Incorporation of the Bill of Rights
8. (USG.3.10 )  First Amendment Cases
9. (USG.3.11)  Individual Rights Cases
Branches of Government
1. (USG.4.1)  The Preamble
2. (USG.4.2.A,B,&E)  The Legislative Branch
3. (USG.4.2.A,B,C,&E)  The Executive Branch
4. (USG.4.2.A,D,&E)  The Judicial Branch
Civic Participation
1. (USG.5.1)  Civic Responsibilities
2. (USG.5.2 )  Naturalization
3. (USG.5.3)  Monitoring Elected Officials
4. (USG.5.4)  Linkage Institutions
5. (USG.5.5 )  The Electoral Process
Public Policy
1. (USG.6.1)  The Budget Process
2. (USG.6.2)  Fiscal & Monetary Process
3. (USG.6.3)  Domestic Policy
4. (USG.6.4)  Foreign Policy