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United States History CCRA (OAS) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 537
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Test Standards

  1. (USH.1.1) Post Civil-War Legal Issues
  2. (USH.1.2.A) Juneteenth
  3. (USH.1.2.B) Amendments 13-15
  4. (USH.1.2.C) Resistance to Racial Equality
  5. (USH.1.3.A) Late-19th Century Immigration
  6. (USH.1.3.B) Chinese Exclusion
  7. (USH.1.3.C) Native Americans and the Federal Government
  8. (USH.1.3.D) Native American Resistance
  1. (USH.2.1.A) The Robber Barrons
  2. (USH.2.1.B) Industrial Innovation
  3. (USH.2.1.C) The Muckrakers
  4. (USH.2.1.D) Social Reform
  5. (USH.2.1.E) The Labor Movement
  6. (USH.2.1.F) Changing Race Relations
  7. (USH.2.1.G) Early Civil Rights Leaders
  8. (USH.2.2.A-C) The Progressive Movement
  9. (USH.2.3.A-C) The Progressive Presidents
  1. (USH.3.1.A) Imperialist Thought
  2. (USH.3.1.B) Yellow Journalism
  3. (USH.3.1.C) The Spanish American War
  4. (USH.3.1.D) Early-20th Century Diplomacy
  5. (USH.3.2.A) WWI: A Fragile Neutrality
  6. (USH.3.2.B&C) WWI: The Homefront
  7. (USH.3.2.B&D) Wilson's Foreign Policy
  1. (USH.4.1.A) 1920s Culture
  2. (USH.4.1.B) Rising Racial Tensions
  3. (USH.4.1.C) Indian Citizenship Act of 1924
  4. (USH.4.1.D) Growing Labor Unrest
  5. (USH.4.1.E) A Booming Economy
  6. (USH.4.2.A) Growing Economic Problems
  7. (USH.4.2.B) The Stock Market Crashes
  8. (USH.4.2.C) Hoover Reacts
  9. (USH.4.2.D) The Great Depression
  10. (USH.4.3.A) FDR Becomes President
  11. (USH.4.3.B) The New Deal
  12. (USH.4.3.C) The Dust Bowl
  1. (USH.5.1.A) 1930s: Appeasement & Isolation
  2. (USH.5.1.B) Four Freedoms
  3. (USH.5.1.B) WWII: The U.S. Enters
  4. (USH.5.2) WWII: Key People and Events
  5. (USH.5.3) The Holocaust
  1. (USH.6.1.A) Early Cold War Tensions
  2. (USH.6.1.B) Cold War Alliances
  3. (USH.6.1.C) The Truman Doctrine
  4. (USH.6.1.D) JFK's Foreign Policy
  5. (USH.6.2.A) The Second Red Scare
  6. (USH.6.2.B) The Nuclear Arsenal
  7. (USH.6.3) The Vietnam War
  8. (USH.6.4) Nixon's Foreign Policy
  1. (USH.7.1.A) Truman and Desegregation
  2. (USH.7.1.B) The Civil Rights Movement, 1954-1968
  3. (USH.7.1.C) The Civil Rights Movement, Leaders & Organizations
  4. (USH.7.2.A) Incorporating the Bill of Rights
  5. (USH.7.2.B) LBJ's
  6. (USH.7.2.D) More Civil Rights Movements
  7. (USH.7.2.C) The Modern Native American Movement
  8. (USH.7.2.E) Post-WWII Women's Movement
  9. (USH.7.2.F) Nixon & Watergate
  1. (USH.8.1) Carter's Foreign Policy
  2. (USH.8.2) The Reagan Years
  3. (USH.8.3) Ending the Cold War
  4. (USH.8.4) G.H.W. Bush's Foreign Policy
  5. (USH.8.5.A&B) The Clinton Years
  6. (USH.8.6) Terrorism, 1995 and Beyond
  1. (USH.9.1) George W. Bush
  2. (USH.9.2 ) Barrack Obama
  3. (USH.9.3) Donald Trump

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