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OSTP 6th Grade Math Practice

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  • Questions 4,090
  • Vocabulary Terms 226
  • Performance Tasks 170
  • Instructional Videos 88

Test Standards

  1. (6.N.1.1) Represent integers
  2. (6.N.1.2) Order rationals
  3. (6.N.1.3) Percent meaning
  4. (6.N.1.4) Fractions, decimals, percents
  5. (6.N.1.5) Factor into primes
  6. (6.N.1.6) GCF and LCM
  7. (6.N.2.1) Estimate solutions
  8. (6.N.2.2) Illustrate operations
  9. (6.N.2.3) Add/subtract integers
  10. (6.N.3.1) Compare quantities
  11. (6.N.3.2) Unit rate
  12. (6.N.3.3) Apply ratios, fractions, percents
  13. (6.N.3.4) Ratio and unit rate problems
  14. (6.N.4.1) Estimate solutions
  15. (6.N.4.2) Illustrate operations
  16. (6.N.4.3) Multiply/divide rationals
  17. (6.N.4.4) Real-world problems
  1. (6.A.1.1) Plot ordered pairs
  2. (6.A.1.2) Represent relationships
  3. (6.A.1.3 ) Evaluate variables
  4. (6.A.2.1) Apply properties
  5. (6.A.3.1) Represent situations
  6. (6.A.3.2) Solve and graph
  1. (6.GM.1.1) Squares and parallelograms
  2. (6.GM.1.2) Triangle area
  3. (6.GM.1.3) Decompose for areas
  4. (6.GM.2.1) Angle relationships
  5. (6.GM.2.2) Interior angle sum
  6. (6.GM.3.1) Estimate using benchmarks
  7. (6.GM.3.2) Measurement problems
  8. (6.GM.4.1) Transformations
  9. (6.GM.4.2) Show congruence
  10. (6.GM.4.3) Use distances
  11. (6.GM.4.4) Symmetry
  1. (6.D.1.1) Mean, median, mode
  2. (6.D.1.2) Best measure
  3. (6.D.1.3) Box and whisker
  4. (6.D.2.1) Impossible to certain
  5. (6.D.2.2) Sample space
  6. (6.D.2.3) Simple experiments

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