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7th Grade ELA OSTP Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 226
  • Performance Tasks 286
  • Instructional Videos 139

Test Standards

  1. (7.2.R.1) Objective summary
  2. (7.2.R.2) Distinguish genres
  3. (7.2.R.3) Generalize main ideas
  4. (7.2.W.1) Focus, organization, coherence
  5. (7.2.W.2​) Plan and prewrite
  6. (7.2.W.3​) Develop drafts
  7. (7.2.W.4​) Edit, revise drafts
  8. (7.2.W.5) Find spellngs
  1. (7.3.R.1) Stated/implied purposes
  2. (7.3.R.2) Points of view
  3. (7.3.R.3) Literary elements
  4. (7.3.R.4) Literary devices
  5. (7.3.R.5) Fact and opinion
  6. (7.3.R.6) Analyze structures
  7. (7.3.R.7) Make connections
  8. (7.3.W.1) Write narratives
  9. (7.3.W.2) Essays and reports
  10. (7.3.W.3) Introduce a claim
  11. (7.3.W.4) Claims, reasons, evidence
  1. (7.4​.R.1) Vocabulary to infer meanings
  2. (7.4.R.2) Affixes, roots, stems
  3. (7.4​.R.3) Context clues
  4. (7.4​.R.4) Multiple meanings, connotation
  5. (7.4​.R.5) Use references
  6. (7.4.W.1​) Communicate ideas
  7. (7.4.W.2​) Create effects
  1. (7.5.R.1) Prepositional phrases, dependent clauses
  2. (7.5.R.2) Recognize sentence types
  3. (7.5.R.3) Subject/verb agreement
  4. (7.5.R.4​) Modifiers
  5. (7.5.W.1​) Mechanics
  6. (7.5.W.2​) Sentence types
  7. (7.5.W.3​) Use prepositional phrases, dependent clauses
  1. (7.6.R.1) Research question and thesis
  2. (7.6.R.2) Follow guidelines
  3. (7.6.R.3) Relevance, reliability, validity
  4. (7.6.W.1) Write research papers
  5. (7.6.W.2) Refine and formulate
  6. (7.6.W.3) Citations and plagiarism
  7. (7.6.W.4​) Summarize and present
  1. (7.7.R.1) Rhetorical effects
  2. (7.7.R.2) Impact on meaning
  3. (7.7.W.1) Select, organize, create
  4. (7.7.W.2) Clarify and strengthen

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