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Civics and Government (OSBE) Practice

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  • Questions 4,205
  • Vocabulary Terms 303
  • Performance Tasks 83
  • Instructional Videos 86

Test Standards

  1. (HS.3) Forms of Government
  2. (HS.3) Democracy
  3. (HS.2) Limited Government
  4. (HS.2) The Enlightenment
  1. (HS.9) Constitutional Debates
  2. (HS.9) Weaknesses of the Articles
  3. (HS.9) Constitutional Principles
  4. (HS.9) Federalists & Anti-Federalists
  1. (HS.4) The Three Branches
  2. (HS.4) Balancing Power
  3. (HS.4) Types of Powers
  4. (HS.4) Amending the Constitution
  5. (HS.5) State vs. National Government
  6. (HS.5) Balancing State & National Power
  7. (HS.5) The Supremacy Clause
  8. (HS.6, HS.13) State Government in Oregon
  1. (HS.1) The Bill of Rights
  2. (HS.1) Civil Liberties
  3. (HS.1) Equal Protection Under the Law
  4. (HS.1) 5th & 14th Amendments
  1. (HS.4) Congress
  2. (HS.4) Making the Laws
  3. (HS.4) Congressional Leadership
  4. (HS.4) Impeachment
  5. (HS.8) Lobbyists
  1. (HS.4) Presidential Qualifications
  2. (HS.4) Presidential Succession
  3. (HS.4) Roles of the President
  4. (HS.4) The Federal Bureaucracy
  5. (HS.4) The Cabinet
  6. (HS.4) The Electoral College
  7. (HS.8) Foreign Policy
  1. (HS.4) Naming Judges
  2. (HS.4, HS.12) Judicial Review
  3. (HS.4) Deciding to Decide
  4. (HS.4) Activism or Restraint?
  1. (HS.7) Political Parties
  2. (HS.7) The Election Process
  3. (HS.10) The Right to Vote
  4. (HS.10) Media & Elections
  5. (HS.11) Involuntary Participation
  6. (HS.11) Voluntary Participation

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