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US History: 1877-Present (OSBE) Practice

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  • Questions 2,514
  • Vocabulary Terms 887
  • Performance Tasks 220
  • Instructional Videos 198

Test Standards

  1. (HS.55) Manifest Destiny
  2. (HS.59, HS.61) The Populists
  3. (HS.60,HS.65) Native Americans & the Dawes Act
  1. (HS.54,HS.55) Labor, Industry, & Urban Conditions
  2. (HS.63,HS.64) Late-19th Century Immigration
  3. (HS.54,HS.55) Laissez-Faire Economcs
  4. (HS.58,HS.59,HS.61) Civil Service Reform
  1. (HS.59,HS.63) The Progressives & Public Opinion
  2. (HS.54,HS.63,HS.64) Fighting Jim Crow
  3. (HS.54,HS.59,HS.62) Progressive Presidents
  4. (HS.58,HS.61) Progressive Legislation
  1. (HS.60,HS.61,HS.62) The Spanish American War
  2. (HS.60,HS.64,HS.65) The U.S. in Hawaii
  3. (HS.55,HS.62) Early 20th-Century Foreign Policy
  4. (HS.58,HS.62) World War I
  1. (HS.57,HS.59) 1920s Mass Culture & Technology
  2. (HS.55,HS.61) Great Depression: Causes
  3. (HS.59,HS.66) Changes in Culture
  4. (HS.56,HS.63) 1920s Social Upheaval
  5. (HS.59,HS.66) Authors of the 1920s
  6. (HS.61,HS.63) Great Depression's Impact
  7. (HS.54,HS.55) The Dust Bowl
  1. (HS.55,HS.62) The Great Depression Begins
  2. (HS.54,HS.61) FDR & the New Deal
  1. (HS.58,HS.62) Isolationism to Intervention
  2. (HS.62) Fighting World War II
  3. (HS.63,HS.64,HS.65) The Horrors of World War II
  4. (HS.54,HS.59) World War II: The Homefront
  5. (HS.61,HS.63,HS.65) World War II & Minorities
  1. (HS.62) The Cold War Begins
  2. (HS.55,HS.62) Truman, Eisenhower, & the Cold War
  3. (HS.54,HS.55) Tensions Escalate
  4. (HS.62) The United Nations
  5. (HS.54,HS.62) China Becomes Communist
  6. (HS.55,HS.62) The Korean War
  7. (HS.58,HS.59) The Second Red Scare
  8. (HS.54,HS.57) The Space Race
  1. (HS.54,HS.58,HS.64) Kennedy, Johnson, & Nixon
  2. (HS.55,HS.64,HS.65) Immigration
  3. (HS.61,HS.63,HS.65) Minority Movements
  4. (HS.54,HS.61,HS.63) The Women's Movement
  5. (HS.55,HS.57) The Environmental Movement
  6. (HS.54,HS.55,HS.59) Demographic Changes
  1. (HS.54,HS.56,HS.58) The Rise of Conservatism
  2. (HS.58,HS.59,HS.62) Reagan, Bush Foreign Policy
  1. (HS.54,HS.58) The Federal Government & Civil Rights
  2. (HS.56,HS.61,HS.63) The Civil Rights Movement
  3. (HS.63,HS.64) Black Power
  4. (HS.66) Two Famous Speeches
  5. (HS.63) The Modern Civil Rights Movement
  1. (HS.54,HS.58) 1998-2010
  2. (HS.55,HS.58,HS.62) Impact of September 11
  3. (HS.54,HS.58) The Obama Era

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