Pennsylvania Grade 6 Mathematics PSSA (PA Core) Practice

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Numbers and Operations25%
Algebraic Concepts25%
Measurement, Data, and Probability25%
  • Questions: 1,679
  • Two-Part Items: 28
  • Vocabulary Terms: 106
  • Performance Tasks: 117
  • Instructional Videos: 53

Test Standards

Numbers and Operations
1. (CC.2.1.6.D.1)  Ratios
2. (CC.2.1.6.E.1)  Divide Fractions
3. (CC.2.1.6.E.2)  Multiply
4. (CC.2.1.6.E.3)  Common Factors/multiples
5. (CC.2.1.6.E.4)  Rationals
Algebraic Concepts
1. (CC.2.2.6.B.1)  Algebraic Expressions
2. (CC.2.2.6.B.2)  Solve Equations And Inequalities
3. (CC.2.2.6.B.3)  Variables
1. (CC.2.3.6.A.1)  Solve Problems
Measurement, Data, and Probability
1. (CC.2.4.6.B.1)  Distributions