Pennsylvania Grade 7 Mathematics PSSA (Expanded) Practice

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The Number System15%
Ratios and Proportional Relationships25%
Expressions and Equations25%
Statistics and Probability15%
  • Questions: 1,783
  • Technology Enhanced Items: 128
  • Instructional Videos: 79
  • Vocabulary Terms: 178

Test Standards

The Number System
1. (M07.A-N.1.1.1)  Rational Numbers
2. (M07.A-N.1.1.2)  Represent Addition/subtraction
3. (M07.A-N.1.1.3 )  Multiply/divide Rational Numbers
Ratios and Proportional Relationships
1. (M07.A-R.1.1.1)  Compute Unit Rates
2. (M07.A-R.1.1.2)  Determine Proportional Relation
3. (M07.A-R.1.1.3)  Identify Unit Rate
4. (M07.A-R.1.1.4)  Represent Proportional Relationships
5. (M07.A-R.1.1.5)  Meaning Of A Point
6. (M07.A-R.1.1.6)  Ratio & Percent Problems
Expressions and Equations
1. (M07.B-E.1.1.1)  Operations With Linear Expressions
2. (M07.B-E.2.1.1)  Numbers In Different Forms
3. (M07.B-E.2.2.1)  Solve Word Problems
4. (M07.B-E.2.2.2)  Solve Inequality Word Problems
5. (M07.B-E.2.3.1)  Reasonableness Of Answers
1. (M07.C-G.1.1.1)  Problems Involving Scale Drawings
2. (M07.C-G.1.1.2)  Properties Of Triangles
3. (M07.C-G.1.1.3)  Triangle Inequality Theorem
4. (M07.C-G.1.1.4)  2D Figures
5. (M07.C-G.2.1.1)  Unknown Angles
6. (M07.C-G.2.1.2)  Properties Of Angles
7. (M07.C-G.2.2.1)  Area & Circumference Of Circles
8. (M07.C-G.2.2.2)  Area, Volume, & Surface Area
Statistics and Probability
1. (M07.D-S.1.1.1)  Random Sample
2. (M07.D-S.1.1.2)  Draw Inferences From Random Sample
3. (M07.D-S.2.1.1)  Numerical Data Distributions
4. (M07.D-S.3.1.1)  Predict Likelihood Of Outcomes
5. (M07.D-S.3.2.1)  Probability Of Chance Event
6. (M07.D-S.3.2.2)  Probability Of Simple Events
7. (M07.D-S.3.2.3)  Probabilities Of Independent Compound Events