Pennsylvania Chemistry (PA Academic Standards) Practice

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Properties and Classification of Matter29%
Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table18%
Structure and Properties of Matter6%
The Mole and Chemical Bonding26%
Chemical Relationships and Reactions21%
  • Questions: 1,020
  • Two-Part Items: 11
  • Vocabulary Terms: 167
  • Performance Tasks: 101
  • Instructional Videos: 68

Test Standards

Properties and Classification of Matter
1. (CHEM.A.1.1.1.)  Physical And Chemical Changes
2. (CHEM.A.1.1.2.)  Classify Observations
3. (CHEM.A.1.1.3.)  Significant Figures
4. (CHEM.A.1.1.4.)  Physical Properties And Structure
5. (CHEM.A.1.1.5.)  Naming And Writing Formulas
6. (CHEM.A.1.2.1.)  Properties Of Solutions
7. (CHEM.A.1.2.2.)  Homogeneous And Heterogeneous Mixtures
8. (CHEM.A.1.2.3.)  Affecting Solubility
9. (CHEM.A.1.2.4.)  Solution Concentration
10. (CHEM.A.1.2.5.)  Chemical Bonds And Solubility
Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table
1. (CHEM.A.2.1.1.)  Atomic Theory And Models
2. (CHEM.A.2.1.2.)  Isotopes And Mass Number
3. (CHEM.A.2.2.1.)  Electron Configuration
4. (CHEM.A.2.2.2.)  Characteristics Of Atoms And Ions
5. (CHEM.A.2.2.3.)  Relationship: Electron Configuration And Atomic Structure
6. (CHEM.A.2.2.4.)  Emission Spectra
Structure and Properties of Matter
1. (CHEM.A.2.3.1.)  Periodicity Of Chemical Properties
2. (CHEM.A.2.3.2.)  Periodic Properties Of Elements
The Mole and Chemical Bonding
1. (CHEM.B.1.1.1.)  The Mole Concept
2. (CHEM.B.1.2.1.)  Empirical And Molecular Formulas
3. (CHEM.B.1.2.2.)  Law Of Definite Proportions
4. (CHEM.B.1.2.3.)  Percent Composition
5. (CHEM.B.1.3.1.)  Ionic And Covalent Bonding
6. (CHEM.B.1.3.2.)  Classify Chemical Bonds
7. (CHEM.B.1.3.3.)  Predict Polarity
8. (CHEM.B.1.4.1.)  Modeling Compounds And Chemical Formulas
9. (CHEM.B.1.4.2.)  Lewis Dot Structures
Chemical Relationships and Reactions
1. (CHEM.B.2.1.1.)  Limiting And Excess Reactants
2. (CHEM.B.2.1.2.)  Calculate Amounts: Reactants And Products
3. (CHEM.B.2.1.3.)  Classify Chemical Reactions
4. (CHEM.B.2.1.4.)  Predict Products Of Chemical Reactions
5. (CHEM.B.2.1.5.)  Balance Equations
6. (CHEM.B.2.2.1.)  Gas Laws
7. (CHEM.B.2.2.2.)  Gases: Molar Volume