Pennsylvania Middle School Economics (PAAS) Practice

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Scarcity and Choice14%
Markets and Economic Systems27%
Functions of Government18%
Economic Interdependence18%
Income, Profit, and Wealth23%
  • Questions: 1,057
  • Two-Part Items: 6
  • Vocabulary Terms: 317
  • Performance Tasks: 89
  • Instructional Videos: 87

Test Standards

Scarcity and Choice
1. (6.1.8.A)  Scarcity
2. (6.1.8.B)  The Factors Of Production
3. (6.1.8.C&D)  Choices & Incentives
Markets and Economic Systems
1. (6.2.8.A)  Consumers & Producers
2. (6.2.8.B& D)  Competition
3. (6.2.8.C)  Advertising
4. (6.2.8.E)  Our Current Economy
5. (6.2.8.F)  Private Economic Institutions
6. (6.2.8.G)  Economic Systems
Functions of Government
1. (6.3.8.A)  Public Goods & Services
2. (6.3.8.B)  Government Involvement
3. (6.3.8.C)  Taxation
4. (6.3.8.D)  International Trade
Economic Interdependence
1. (6.4.8.A)  Specialization
2. (6.4.8.B)  Standard Of Living
3. (6.4.8.C)  Multinationals & NGOs
4. (6.4.8.D)  Economic Interdependence
Income, Profit, and Wealth
1. (6.5.8.A&B)  Compensation & Work
2. (6.5.8.C)  Business Organizations
3. (6.5.8.D&F)  Risks & Entrepreneurship
4. (6.5.8.E)  Pennsylvania's Divisions
5. (6.5.8.G&H)  Saving & Investing