PA Algebra I Keystone Exam Practice and Test Review

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Operations with Real Numbers and Expressions 15%
Linear Equations 18%
Linear Inequalities 18%
Functions 19%
Coordinate Geometry 15%
Data Analysis 15%
  • Questions 2,703
  • Vocabulary Terms 153
  • Performance Tasks 103
  • Instructional Videos 78

Test Standards

Operations with Real Numbers and Expressions
1. (A1.  Compare/order real numbers
2. (A1.  Simplify square roots
3. (A1.  GCF/LCM of monomials
4. (A1.  Integer exponents
5. (A1.  Estimation
6. (A1.  Polynomial arithmetic
7. (A1.  Factor algebraic expressions
8. (A1.  Simplify/reduce rational expressions
Linear Equations
1. (A1.  Write, solve, apply
2. (A1.  Equation solving process
3. (A1.  Interpret solutions
4. (A1.  Systems of equations
5. (A1.  Interpret solutions to systems
Linear Inequalities
1. (A1.  Compound inequalities
2. (A1.  Solve linear inequalities
3. (A1.  Interpret solutions to inequalities
4. (A1.  Systems of inequalities
5. (A1.  Interpret solutions to inequality systems
1. (A1.  Data pattern
2. (A1.  Identify functions
3. (A1.  Domain and range
4. (A1.  Linear functions
5. (A1.  Linear function forms
Coordinate Geometry
1. (A1.  Rates of change
2. (A1.  Apply linear rate of change
3. (A1.  Identify linear equations
4. (A1.  Determine slope/intercept
5. (A1.  Line of best fit
Data Analysis
1. (A1.  Range, quartiles, IQR
2. (A1.  Make predictions
3. (A1.  Displayed data
4. (A1.  Scatter plots
5. (A1.  Compound events