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Geography (PAS) Practice

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  • Vocabulary Terms 192
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Test Standards

  1. (7.1.12.A) Geographic Tools
  2. (7.1.12.B) Regional Changes
  1. (7.2.12.A) Physical Characteristic of Place
  2. (7.2.12.B) Physical Processes
  1. (7.3.12.A.1) Human Characteristics: Population
  2. (7.3.12.A.2) Human Characteristics: Culture
  3. (7.3.12.A.3) Human Characteristics: Settlement
  4. (7.3.12.A.4) Human Characteristics: Economic Activities
  5. (7.3.12.A.5) Human Characteristics: Political Activities
  1. (7.4.12.A) Physical Systems: Effects of Changes
  2. (7.4.12.B) Physical Systems: Effects of Human Activity

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