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Geometry (PA Core) Practice

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  • Questions 1,933
  • Vocabulary Terms 160
  • Performance Tasks 104
  • Instructional Videos 47

Test Standards

  1. (G. Circle parts
  2. (G. Arcs, sectors, angles
  3. (G. Chords, tangents, secants
  4. (G. Spheres and cylinders
  1. (G. Triangles
  2. (G. Quadrilaterals
  3. (G. Isosceles and equilateral triangles
  4. (G. Regular polygons
  5. (G. Pyramids and prisms
  1. (G. Congruent/similar polygons and solids
  2. (G. Similar figures
  3. (G. Formal proofs
  1. (G. Pythagorean Theorem
  2. (G. Trig ratios
  3. (G. Distance and midpoint
  4. (G. Slope and parallel/perpendicular
  5. (G. Coordinate geometry
  1. (G. Properties of angles
  2. (G. Parallels and transversals
  3. (G. Area, perimeter, circumference
  4. (G. Missing lengths
  5. (G. Maximize area
  6. (G. Composite figures
  7. (G. Areas of sectors
  8. (G. Changes in linear dimensions
  9. (G. Area probability models
  1. (G. Surface area
  2. (G. Volume
  3. (G. Missing lengths
  4. (G. Changes in linear dimensions

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