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PA Literature Keystone Practice Tests and Curriculum Review

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  • Questions 3,986
  • Vocabulary Terms 252
  • Performance Tasks 224
  • Instructional Videos 89

Test Standards

  1. (L.F.1.1.1) Author's purpose
  2. (L.F.1.1.2) Examples
  3. (L.F.1.1.3) Techniques/elements of fiction
  4. (L.F.1.2.1) Synonym or antonym
  5. (L.F.1.2.2) Affixes
  6. (L.F.1.2.3) Context clues
  7. (L.F.1.2.4) Connotation
  8. (L.F.1.3.1) Main ideas & supporting details
  9. (L.F.1.3.2) Key details and events
  10. (L.F.2.3.4) Theme
  1. (L.F.2.1.1) Inferences and conclusions
  2. (L.F.2.1.2) Generalizations
  3. (L.F.2.2.1) Literary form and meaning
  4. (L.F.2.2.2) Fiction and literary nonfiction
  5. (L.F.2.2.3) Text connections
  6. (L.F.2.2.4) Narrative, poetry, drama
  7. (L.F.2.3.1) Character
  8. (L.F.2.3.2) Setting
  9. (L.F.2.3.3) Plot
  10. (L.F.2.3.5) Tone, style, mood
  11. (L.F.2.3.6) Point of view
  12. (L.F.2.4.1) Significance
  13. (L.F.2.5.1) Literary & figurative devices
  14. (L.F.2.5.2) Poems and sound devices
  15. (L.F.2.5.3) Dramatic elements
  1. (L.N.1.1.1) Author's purpose
  2. (L.N.1.1.2) Examples support purpose
  3. (L.N.1.1.3) Techniques and elements
  4. (L.N.1.1.4) Key words and phrases
  5. (L.N.1.2.1) Synonym or antonym
  6. (L.N.1.2.2) Affixes
  7. (L.N.1.2.3) Context clues
  8. (L.N.1.2.4) Connotations
  9. (L.N.1.3.1) Main ideas & supporting details
  10. (L.N.1.3.2) Summarize key details/events
  11. (L.N.1.3.3) Relate ideas and events
  1. (L.N.2.1.1) Inferences and conclusions
  2. (L.N.2.1.2) Generalizations
  3. (L.N.2.2.1) Form and meaning
  4. (L.N.2.2.2) Fiction and nonfiction
  5. (L.N.2.2.3) Text connections
  6. (L.N.2.3.1) Character
  7. (L.N.2.3.2) Setting
  8. (L.N.2.3.3) Plot, action
  9. (L.N.2.3.4) Theme
  10. (L.N.2.3.5) Tone, style, mood
  11. (L.N.2.3.6) Point of view
  12. (L.N.2.4.1) Structure and format
  13. (L.N.2.4.2) Sequence
  14. (L.N.2.4.3) Headings, graphics, charts
  15. (L.N.2.4.4) Connect text and graphics
  16. (L.N.2.4.5) Graphics and charts clarify
  17. (L.N.2.5.1) Fact and Opinion
  18. (L.N.2.5.2) Interpret facts and opinions
  19. (L.N.2.5.3) Essential, nonessential
  20. (L.N.2.5.4) Bias and propaganda
  21. (L.N.2.5.5) Analyze use of bias/propaganda
  22. (L.N.2.5.6) Claims and arguments

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