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Middle School Civics and Government (PAS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,244
  • Vocabulary Terms 406
  • Performance Tasks 109
  • Instructional Videos 105

Test Standards

  1. (5.1.8.A) The Rule of Law
  2. (5.1.7.B) Types of Governments
  3. (5.1.8.C) Principles of Government
  4. (5.1.8.D) Foundational Documents
  5. (5.1.8.E) Individual Rights
  6. (5.1.8.F) Political Symbols
  1. (5.2.8.A) Rights & Responsibilities
  2. (5.2.8.B) Resolving Conflicts
  3. (5.2.8.C) Political Leadership
  4. (5.2.8.D) The Citizen's Role
  1. (5.3.8.A) The Three Branches
  2. (5.3.8.B) Policy-Making
  3. (5.3.8.C) Government Services
  4. (5.3.8.D&E) Parties & Primaries
  5. (5.3.8.F) The Judicial System
  6. (5.3.8.G&H) Influencing Government Policy
  7. (5.3.8.I) Your Tax Dollars
  8. (5.3.8.J) Democracy v. Totalitarianism
  1. (5.4.8.A) Agreements & Conflicts
  2. (5.4.8.B) Foreign Policy Tools
  3. (5.4.8.C) International Organizations
  4. (5.4.8.D) Mass Media

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