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Middle School Earth and Space Science (NGSS) Practice

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  • Questions 1,922
  • Vocabulary Terms 310
  • Performance Tasks 157
  • Instructional Videos 61

Test Standards

  1. (ESS1.A.a) Moon Phases
  2. (ESS1.A.b) Eclipse
  3. (ESS1.A.c) Earth's Place
  4. (ESS1.B.a) Tides
  5. (ESS1.B.b) Earth's Orbit and Seasons
  6. (ESS1.B.c) Solar System
  1. (ESS2.A.a) Earth's Spheres
  2. (ESS2.A.b) Chemical and Physical Processes
  3. (ESS2.A.c) Soil
  4. (ESS2.A.d) Changing Earth Surface
  5. (ESS2.C.a) Movement of Water
  6. (ESS2.C.b) Freshwater vs. Saltwater
  7. (ESS2.C.c-d) Streams
  8. (ESS2.D.a) Air Masses
  9. (ESS2.D.b) Solar Energy and Atmosphere
  10. (ESS2.D.c) Weather Patterns
  11. (ESS2.D.d) Oceanic and Atmospheric Circulation
  12. (ESS1.C.a) Geologic Ages
  13. (ESS2.B.a-b) Plate Movement
  14. (ESS2.B.c) Forcasting
  1. (ESS3.A.a) Product Transformation
  2. (ESS3.A.b) Uneven Distribution
  3. (ESS3.A.c) Consumption of Natural Resources
  4. (ESS3.D.a) Rise in Global Temperatures
  5. (ESS3.D.b) Human Impact

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