Parent FAQ

When I purchase access for 12 months, when does my access begin?

Your access begins the day you purchase USATestprep. This means you can still login up to 12 months from your day of purchase - even if it's next school year.

If I buy late in the school year, can my child use this next school year until my access expires?

Yes, he/she can. You can contact us at the beginning of next school year and we will rollover your child's account to the next grade level for no extra charge. This change can be made only once per account.

What does my child get access to?

On average, each test review contains 3,500 practice items, while some contain as many as 10,000.

Is USATestprep different from other test prep resources?

Yes, our practice questions, video lessons, vocabulary puzzles, and educational games are specifically aligned to your state's tests. Your child will not be doing generic practice work.

Who uses USATestprep?

Currently over 1.7 million school children in the United States use USATestprep to prepare for tests.

How will USATestprep help my child?

Students using USATestprep report more confidence when taking tests, higher scores, and better mastery of subjects. Additionally, students who use USATestprep have shown up to 1 year's academic growth.

Do I need to download anything?

No. USATestprep is a web-based practice tool. Your child will simply log in to with the user information we will issue to you upon purchase.