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"My students enjoy using USATestprep more than another remedial site." - Franklin County Middle School

"I LOVE the dot system!" - Franklin County Middle School

"Using this has helped my students increase their ACT scores in math anywhere from 1-9 points on Math alone." - Gautier High School

“USATestprep is amazing. As we go further into the distance learning we will definitely be utilizing every part of the platform. Once again thank you for loving kids and making their world better.” - Pascagoula Gautier School District

"My students love USATestprep because it provides instant feedback concerning weak areas. They are excited about their upcoming state test, and they feel that USATestprep will help prepare them for it." - Houston High School

"I have several students who have struggled with daily classwork, but I have seen a greater understanding and improvement when using USATestprep. The ability to allow multiple attempts on an assignment has given them confidence that they can redo any assignment. It has also allowed the students to become at ease with using the technology." - Laurel High School

"I had a student struggling with dividing fractions and I had tried everything that I could think of to help them succeed without avail. I put them on some of your games and crossword puzzles and because it was fun the student actually improved and was successful." - Magnolia Middle School

"I really believe your program is a great tool to use as a resource, especially now that we are almost 100% digital! I cannot tell you how much we as a district appreciate your efforts to help us during this time. Thank you again for everything you are doing! You are an amazing company. " - Pascagoula-Gautier School District

"USATestprep has helped me as a teacher differentiate assignments and therefore reach all of my students where they are academically and help them progress and grow. I love this because it helps build their confidence and become risk-takers that excel."

"Ever since signing up for a trial of USATestprep, I knew it was something special. From the bell ringers, lessons, assessments, activities, and games, there is something for every student that walks into the classroom. Personally, I use USATestprep to enhance my lessons that I teach throughout the week. Once every week in class, I take time for students to log in and complete the resources that are available on the standard that I am teaching. At the end of the day, I go in and look at the dot ranking of each student to see how I am doing presenting the lesson to my students. If I see that most students are struggling after a taught lesson, this gives me the ability to return to the lesson to give additional support to the students. If the majority of my class succeeds with the lessons, I then reward students for their hard work and remediate using the options available. My students get so excited for "USA Testprep Day" because I've turned the Green Dot Challenge into a competition between each of my classes!" - East Marion Elementary School

"USATestprep has helped the students in my class with a lot of factors specifically the students who are our TIER II and TIER III kids. Thanks to USATestprep there have been several gaps closed in my class. My favorite thing about USATestprep is that I can have goal talks with my students based on the data that is collected inside the program in order for them to better understand and reach their goals we set together for USATestprep." - Richton Jr. High/High School

"USATestprep does things that no other programs do. Everything from daily assignments to benchmark assessments, USATestprep offers it all. The data breakdown makes it extremely easy to see where students are excelling or struggling. Anytime a student does not do well on an assessment, they go straight to USA Test Prep for remediation !! This is my all-around go-to program inside my classroom!!!" - Forest High School

"I have recently integrated USATP into my English classroom and my kids love it! It provides games and other activities that my students don’t normally have access to in English. I love the data tracking and the ability to differentiate to provide for students' needs!" - Houlka Attendance Center

"USATestprep was a life saver for my online learners during the coronavirus pandemic. I was able to create assignments for my students and easily keep track of their progress. The assignments included videos which taught the material and provided a variety of activities to practice the information." - Picayune Memorial High School

"I use USATestprep for review and test. My students love being in control of their own learning and pacing. I love the ease of using it." - Orange Grove Elementary

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