Bundles Pricing

Bundled course options to bring focus, learning, and savings to your school!

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Call 1-877-377-9537 or contact sales@usatestprep.com with questions or to request a quote!

Our most popular bundle options are below. Work with our team to mix and match courses to create the perfect bundle for your school or district needs!
1. School Spirit BUNDLE
2. State-Test Achievement BUNDLE
3. Subject Mastery BUNDLE
4. College & Career Readiness BUNDLE

Can I add or substitute any courses to the bundles?

Yes. Our team will work with you to create the bundle that's just right for your school.

Are there discounts for the COVID-19 licenses I’ve subscribed to during the free access period?

All licenses specifically requested by existing customers via the COVID-19 School Relief program will receive a flat 20% discount. The COVID-19 discounts do not count toward any bundle or multi-tier schedule. For example: if your school has 10 paid licenses up for renewals, and 15 COVID-19 licenses, you will receive 7.5% off the 10 paid licenses and 20% off the COVID licenses. The 20% discount on the COVID-19 School Relief licenses is valid until August 1, 2020.

“My school budget is still up in the air - how can I make sure I still have access to courses after free access ends until I know if I can afford a bundle?”

We are working closely with all schools affected by COVID-19. With a post-dated purchase order (PO) or letter of intent (LOI), we are happy to continue to provide access until budgets kick in.

What other discounts are available?

Check-in with us for more discounts! We offer substantial savings for multi-year purchases, district discounts starting at 5% (on top of bundle discounts) for volume orders, and seasonal discounts. We're happy to provide no-obligation quotes upon request.

Please call us at 1-877-377-9537 or contact sales@usatestprep.com to talk through any additional questions you may have or to request a quote!