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My students practiced on USATestprep before taking the practice ACT. Their scores were higher than projected.

Using this product helped one of our students increase his state testing score by 600 points!

While teaching in Alabama for twenty-five years, I have used USATP for the past 10 years. My success rate for student graduation is 98%. Using USATP in the classroom, I have 100% passing the Algebra I EOC Exam. I am a believer that the program works and will be glad to help other teachers to develop a plan to incorporate USATP in their classes.


It has been great to track student growth.

My students are learning how to become brilliant test takers.

I think this is a very valuable resource for students to prepare for tests. It has fun games for students and allows students to monitor progress.

My district and I are novices when it comes to USATestprep, but with me being an avid and perpetual learner, I am absolutely thrilled to see the possibilities available to our students in order to better our district and instill confidence in our students so that they have the drive to continue to better themselves.


We recently had "Green Dot Challenge" contest for our students to help them prepare for the AZMerit. Their goal was to practice standards they had not yet mastered, and work to show green dots all the way across. In the end, students who logged the most number of minutes practicing, watching videos, etc. were entered for an Amazon gift card. There were other prices given along the way as well. This was great, and many students took advantage of the opportunity to better prepare for state testing.


I looooove USATP! So good for the kids. My favorite feature is the 'remediation' with a click of a button. There is NO way a teacher could do that in a class of 35-40. Some teachers are afraid of 'tech,' but I am sharing how awesome it is on my site.


Students feel more confident after utilizing this site when preparing for the state assessment.

USATestprep has allowed my students to become familiar with different tasks and question types they may face on the state assessment. It has helped them greatly with improving weak areas and preparing for the assessment.

Students are comfortable with the language of EOC questions because of this website. They have prior exposure to the way the questions are asked and their scores are improving as a result.

USATestprep has been a great tool for creating both formative and summative assessments for my students. In my classroom, we have used the data from assessments and discussed the results, which my students have really liked to do for remediation.Our students enjoy the immediate feedback they receive on their assignments and tests. They really enjoy the hint feature. As an administrator, I appreciate the customer support. When I asked why the Civics EOC diagnostics were not correlated to the state test scores, I was told because you didn\'t have the right scaled scores. I sent in the information and within 24 hours your site was updated. I have never worked with a company who so quickly updated their features when requested.

We use daily bell ringers as part of our ELA test prep and have seen scores go up. I also build optional assignments for students to do on their own time to replace a bad quiz grade instead of scheduling a makeup test.

My students love USATestprep. They LOVE the videos and the Dot Challenge.

We have an incentive program in which students enjoy practicing the standards indicated by the colored dots in order to turn the dots to stars. When they earn their first dot, they receive a name tag and a star. On the star, they write the # of the standard they mastered and the topic. They place the name tag in the hall on a large bulletin board entitle U.S.A. TEST PREP ALL-STARS. They place their earned stars around their name. It\'s very motivational and acknowledging. We had 3 students last year and 5 students the previous year earn all 33 stars in Civics. They received ALL STAR Certificates, a photo opportunity, recognition in our weekly news email, and a pizza party!

Using the progress monitoring tool, I have been able to better target instruction to my students.USAtestprep is an excellent resource to give students lessons to help understand and master the FL State Standards in preparation for writing and reading skills needed not only for the FSA but also success in school curriculum.

My students love the sink or swim activity. I name the groups by color. Blue has cut up scrap paper that is blue at their group to record their answer. Green has green paper, red has red, etc. Every student completes the problem, they discuss the best answer choice for the group, write it on their colored slip, I collect the slips, we review the answer and I assign points based on who answered correctly. The colored paper really helps to hold them accountable and accurately assign points. They jump out of their seats when the results are displayed.

U.S. history teacher Dr. Kristy Verdi of Franklin Boys Preparatory Academy in Florida shared after her free 14-day trial, ‘I would use it regularly! I liked the fact that I could see immediately what [a student] knew!”

I am always skeptical about online programs. However, this one, I was able to clearly see the results. I can personalize for each student or class, as I need it to be. The variety of assignments and lessons is fantastic. I was able to use it in and out of the classroom.

There is so much I love about USATestprep! However, the data analysis is without a doubt my favorite part. To be able to give students a standard-based assessment and right away see where they need help is key! The Green Dot challenge reinforces the importance of differentiation. When using USATestprep, I know that each student is receiving the assistance that they need to succeed. I love the fact that USATestprep grows with the times. If they do not have some feature, you can contact them and they will listen to you and work with you. They are always evolving to best meet the needs of my students." It is the most user-friendly program I have been able to understand with my students. It provides opportunities for them to learn, while they think they're playing. It rewards them. And, I have worked with it long enough to feel comfortable using it. Also, the support system is readily available.

I use USATestprep in a couple of different ways for my 8th-grade language arts class. Our school has a program called Triton Time. At the beginning of each school day, thirty minutes are put aside to help students who may be struggling in a specific state standard. I use USATestprep to test my students on this standard. I used to create my own tests, but USATestprep makes it so much more easier. I just choose the domain and standard I want, and it gives me passages and questions that I can choose from. Once I have chosen the types of questions I want, it creates the test. Students just log in to their accounts and take the test. I can see their scores immediately. After they have taken their test, I am given the option to give them extra questions that hone in on their weaknesses. Not only do I use the USATestprep projector questions for a bell ringer every day, I also it every Friday. I focus on a specific standard and let USATestprep create the questions for me. I let my students have 2 attempts at a better grade, and USATestprep will give me the better score. USATestprep is a great way to discover individual weaknesses and create extra practice which will help you bring up those state test scores. I am a true testament to increasing student achievement with this program. Since I started using USATestprep three years ago, I am considered a Highly Effective Teacher in my state. My students are more confident, and their true abilities shine through.
I love that USATestprep can be personalized to provide practice for students based on their assessment results. Students can see their improvement as they utilize the USATestprep activities. Also, I like being able to sit with my students and go over their specific needs and successes.USATestPrep changed how I teach because it is standard-specific and uses the same language as our state testing. It is an amazing platform for competitive, multi-player games. I never played Jeopardy or other games with my students until I found USATestPrep. It takes out all of the work and allows me to be as specific as possible with quizzing my students on the standards in a fun, interactive game that really fires up my kids.

USATestprep has impacted my students by helping me prepare them for their EOC. I love the fact I can sort by DOK level. Plus I can also assign their weaknesses for standards.USAtestprep is very teacher-friendly to use and has everything that the administration wants you to turn in is easy to print.USA Test Prep has been the answer to the ever-evolving needs of my students. It provides all of the tools I need for remediation, extension, test prep, daily bell ringers, lessons, and much more. Its ease of use makes it accessible for everyone.

I have been using USATestpre since I have started working in Florida. It is a great tool to use for progress monitoring and for preparing students for the EOC. Students have found many of the homework assignments beneficial before their exams.

My colleagues and I use USATestprep to write common assessments. We use it to remediate after a unit test or district benchmark test. My students compete in the "Green Dot Challenge" each quarter to earn entries into drawing for prizes. Students use it as a way to study for upcoming tests.

USATestprep is helpful practice for students taking the FSA. Videos help students catch up on areas they are weak in or have not understood. Teachers can focus students on areas that need growth and they can work independently to strengthen understanding.

USATP was a godsend when trying to find a supplement to allow students to practice question sets related to the structure of our state EOC exam. I now assign practices per benchmark we are studying and felt the greatest sense of accomplishment when one student said to another "well if you'd done the USATestprep..." She was advocating what a great tool it was to increase understanding.

I useUSATestprep to assist my student is in passing the FSA, ACT or SAT. I assess students and place them in their most difficult category. I then independently assign them a group of activities, 24 to be exact with a module test afterward that focuses just on that area of weakness. We track growth at the end of the quarter then reassess the next quarter assigning them a new lowest category to work on. Many students have said this is has been the main ingredient that has helped them get the scores they were looking for on their standardized test.

USATestprep has been a great asset to my classroom. I use it weekly for formative and summative assessments. The data provided by these assessments helps in the formation of small groups, remediation assignments, and overall class performance. I love the dot system for reporting as it provides me with a quick visual of student and class performance. The dot system is also perfect to help students begin to identify their strengths and weaknesses. I teach students how to view the state standards and their dot rank during the second quarter of the school year. Students are then encouraged to use the videos, vocabulary, problems, and performance tasks to improve their score for standards we have begun. The students love working to get their dot to green.

Please extend my sincere appreciation to the USATestprep family for this fantastic program. The teachers AND STUDENTS at Taylor County High School love the program and the many, many opportunities the program offers our students. I capitalize “students” because in this day and age with all the technology available to students, getting them excited about more technology is a challenge. USATestprep has met that challenge. I visited a classroom today where the students were on USATestpre and I overheard students setting up their own competition in completing the tasks. They were eager to begin their tasks for the lesson. I was ecstatic at what I saw. What we especially appreciate is your support. You respond quickly to our questions or our cry for help. Your customer support team members are always very friendly and courteous as well as very helpful. We have truly enjoyed our partnership with USA Testprep.


I have had several students ask for more USATP!!! It really seems to build their confidence going into the big EOC/Milestone.

I have had many students move from a very low in Social Studies to understanding each standard in its entirety.

The Progress Reports are awesome! I use them when conferencing with students and parents to show them student progress towards mastering the standards.

I have had several students ask for more USATP!!! It really seems to build their confidence going into the big EOC/Milestone.

Students are motivated by the progress report and the colored dots. We have competitions between classes; who has the most green dots or the least red dots.

We keep chart in our classroom for students to keep up with their dot colors. It's called the "Green Dot Challenge" or "All Stars Challenge (depending on the class.) The chart uses a number assigned to each student so they only know which one is theirs. This is great for accountability and students love showing off their dots when they move up from red to yellow, yellow to green, or earn a star!

I am ashamed to say that my scores on assessments were consistently below 70% until we implemented use of USATestPrep. The very first test after using USATestprep only twice, jumped nearly 25% and I felt like I had control of my instruction again. In a survey I gave asking what was the difference, the students agreed that USATestprep prepared them better with tougher questions than what I was asking. Humbling... but what an amazing lesson to learn!

Thank you. USATest =prep not only made my teaching life easier but also afforded me the tests that seem to be representative of the state tests. My students did well in the EOC tests.It is very easy to collect data using USATestprep.Great for grade recovery and remediation. Perfect resource for state test prep!

My students' progress in Language Arts has consistently improve due to the accessibility of resources available in USATestpre.

When students take an assessment and don\'t do well, USATestprep has made it possible for students to immediately remediate or accelerate depending on the individual need. This allows students to be successful and to be challenged and I love it.

Students love the instant feedback through scoring. We use the instructional videos as mini-lessons and the quick video quiz as a formative assessment. Students enjoy the ability to play the games together answering content-related questions. Lastly, students enjoy the arcade games and token system.

I was hooked on USATestprep after my trial usage. I was so impressed with its features that I suggested our school system purchase the program. They did so and I cannot wait to see how much my student scores improve for the state test.

Many of my students benefit from the site due to the many mediums that information is presented. Some students enjoy the videos and others enjoy the puzzles. Many of my students are taking more initiative in their own learning through this site.

This program is the best I have used in 14 years of teaching. This more than prepared my students as well as allowed them to track their own progress for self-evaluation. I would highly recommend this product to other educators!

USATestprepallows my students to be as prepared as possible for Georgia Milestones! They love the challenge, seeing their grades improve, and earning the chance to play games. One student told me, “Ms. Bailey, I just KNOW I aced the Milestones today!” When I asked how he knew, he said, “I knew just what to do on the questions because USATestprep asks the questions in exactly the same way as Milestones, so I’ve had plenty of practice on all of the kinds of questions!”

As an educator, it is so important to keep a continuous process of teach, do, assess going in the classroom. As a math teacher, I find that my students work at many different levels and I really need to work hard to keep up with each of them. UTP allows my students to work at their own pace to learn and then show mastery of the standards through common assessments. Each student can work through the standards on their own, with a group, or with my assistance and then take the assessment to show that they are ready to move on. I have more time to remediate and students do not get bored or held back once they have mastered the content being covered.

USATP is a phenomenal resource for my classroom and my math department. Our common assessments are made and administered with little to no effort but to assign them just before class. PLC meetings require less time to disseminate data since UTP does this for us, allowing our time to be spent discussing results and planning. My journey as an educator has certainly been enhanced by implementation of the USATP platform.

I use USATP to help me differentiate to truly meet the needs of all of my students. I love all of the options I have when building an assessment. My favorite part about USATP is the ability to have my students compete in a classroom Green Dot Challenge. It not only helped my students prepare for state tests, but it also helped me push them to the next level so that they truly are ready for high school.

USATestprep is such an essential tool in ensuring that I meet the needs of all the different students in my classroom. The program provides pre-assessments that allow me to differentiate my instruction and my formative and summative assessment to ensure that all my students get the most from the lesson. The remediation tools are vital to ensuring my students who are struggling master the standards.

The most honest thing I can say about USATestprep is that it has impacted my classroom more than any other program or website I’ve used in my 6 years of teaching. Being a fairly young teacher, I feel that we have a pretty good grasp of all the “new and improved” resources that are available for the classroom, but we have to be trusted from our administration through experiences and data proven results to get them to “buy in” to a recommendation. 2 years ago I sat at my desk knowing that there had to be an option out there that I could trust to use in my classroom that reached 3 goals. The 3 things I was looking for was user friendly, data-driven, and standard aligned. I stumbled upon USATestprep and decided to give it a trial run and see where it could go. This program exceeded all expectations and goals I was looking for all along. This is so user friendly, I helped a coworker get set up and started on her own that had problems checking email. This is so data-driven that you can pre-test, post-test, benchmark, and quickly get informal assessments. Better than any of this is the standard alignment. It breaks down the whole framework of the class by Unit, Standard, and Element and has built in activities, tests, games for each. USATestprep really gives you anything you can need for a subject and leaves it up to the teacher for how they want to implement it into their own classroom. It completely helped my manage my own data-driven classroom and improve my test scores better than they have ever been. Thank you guys for the work you put in to the resource that I get to use in my classroom. I’ll always be a walking advertisement!

USATP has given me an amazing tool to evaluate and then differentiate for each individual student in my room in a variety of ways. I can also compare my students' achievements with those in other classes to help facilitate discussions with other teachers. This has become a tool I cannot live without!

I liked that USATestprepgave my students' practice that was rigorous and closely aligned with state standards. ...Overall, I LOVE using USATestprep in my classes.

I have used USATestprep for over 5 years and I love how easy it is for me and my students to use. It has many great features that I can use to help my students learn the standards. I have seen how the integration of the program has helped me be a better teacher and how it allows me to differentiate the learning to meet the needs of my students. I use it for remediation, previewing new material, and formative assessment.

USATestprep has been instrumental in helping me reach the needs of all my students. In one classroom you can have so many different levels of learning that finding activities to benefit all of them is tough. USATestprep has helped solve this problem for me. I like to give assessments on USATestprep and then based on their scores differentiate their activities. Some students will need reteach activities and I will use USATestprep to assign them videos and performance tasks. For my students that need enrichment USATestprep is good for that too. I can have them preview upcoming units or do a crossword puzzle with vocab words. And they love the games- they don’t even know they are learning! There are so many great things about USATestprep that these are just a few- I could go on and on.

USATestprep is a fabulous resource for all students! I have used this USA TP for at least 8 years! We have a significant number of Spanish-speaking students, so the options for reading and listening in Spanish are extremely helpful for our students. USATestprep is also useful for remediation and for days that you have a substitute. This is my favorite learning platform for all of our students -- especially because of the data-driven learning!

USATestprep is a very useful teacher tool to evaluate student academic progress. Students have the ability to work on various modules (Standards) at their own pace or timed and are able to interact with USATest Prep that is meaningful to them and collects data for the teacher. USATestprep is user friendly and is a powerful data collector for either the individual student or for an entire class. USATestprep has helped to improve student test scores across the curriculum. It is an extremely useful tool to help prepare our students for high stake testing. The prep questions are realistic and some students have reported that they have seen similar; if not the same questions on the test. I will always use this product to give my students the edge they need for testing.

The student modules really help to build bridges to their learning. I have seen student test scores rise 10%, 20%, even 30% overall.

I use USATestPrep for a benchmark at the beginning of the semester to guide my instruction. I use it thoughout the semester for formative and summative assessments. I use the question of the day daily as a warm-up. I love the great data the program provides. It's aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the DOK levels of the questions allow for differentiation.

I use USATestprep to prepare my students for high stakes tests. I have found that USATestprep oftentimes fills in gaps in my teaching and is a beneficial support system to both the students and myself. It's even more perfect that USATestprep is aligned to the standards for both my State of Georgia as well as College Board in regards to their AP Content.

Our teachers enjoy using USATestprep to assess our students academic progress. Our teachers love the fact that this program is user friendly, students can go through modules at their own pace, and the activities are aligned with our state standards.USATestprep has proved to help with our students with EOCs and we now have more teachers wanting to use this program in their classes. Teachers see the value and students get to play and learn all in one. USATestprep works and that's why we love it!

I saw the impact USATestprep had on my students when I was teaching at Cass High School in Cartersville, GA. My students were able to take ownership of their learning, appreciate failure as part of the learning process, and ultimately improve their EOC scores. In the short time I have been using USATestprep in my eighth-grade classroom, I have seen the same things! My students are able to see their personal strengths and weaknesses and are taking the initiative to tackle material that they struggle with. The videos, ability to read questions aloud, eliminate answers, and so many other valuable resources allow my students to strive for greatness and achieve success like never before!!

I have used USATestprep since it became available to our district. I absolutely LOVE all USATestprep has to offer! I feel like it helps me extend and remediate their learning where needed. I also feel it makes them better prepared for our End of Course assessment at the end of the school year.

USATestprep was a great resource to me and my students in my classroom. We used it to monitor students learning on concepts and standards and push them expand! I loved using it to help lead conversations with other teachers by using common assessments to gauge student understanding and prepare for remediation and extensions moving forward. We saw great student growth and success!

I use USATestprep as way for students to practice assignments without me. They can do USATestprep independently. The students do not need their parents or teacher to guide their practice. USATestprep reinforces the classroom, aligns with the standards and forces the students to practice what they have learned in the classroom. It is also a self-paced learning platform and allows students to rest, take breaks as needed, and work on demand. My test scores have improved, but my over all class participation has improved because students say things like, "USATestprep said,.....", which lets me know they are working outside of class and learning.

USATP is my go-to resource! I start the day with a Bell Ringer so my students are immediately engaged in learning. The videos are a great way to introduce and clarify new concepts. I use the printable resources for homework or guided practice, with students using the Promethean board to write on them. Finally, my students love the games for the bragging rights. I love the games because they build collaboration skills, spark engagement and provide live data.

Using USATestprep allows me to provide rigorous, standards-based lessons to my students. I love being able to differentiate practice work for each student. The dot system offers useful, visual feedback for me and my students. After an assessment I can see which questions the class struggled with to determine concepts I need to revisit. Another plus - the program is easy to use for teachers and students.

USATestprep is one of the best tools a teacher can have in their toolbox. It is my go-to resource! I love that I can assign things to my students and that they can go on independently.

USATestprep has transformed my classroom. Using the platform, I have been able to teach standards-based lessons, assess knowledge, compare data, and provide enjoyable reviews for my students. The platform has been invaluable in creating common assessments throughout our department and has helped to create starting points when discussing growth among students. I have never seen a more complete database for learning and teaching.

USATestprep has become an integral tool in my US and World lessons. The interactive activities give my students engaging opportunities to practice what we have been learning in class. The exams give my students outstanding opportunities to prepare for their Milestone and other state exams. The materials are numerous and varied, giving teachers extensive resources to engage their students with technology-driven curriculum that really works!

USATP is an amazing tool that I have integrated into my classroom. We use it almost daily. I have always used it for pre/post-tests, but after attending a USATP conference, I started using the various tools USATP provided. I use the worksheets, projector questions, and games for review! It has really helped guide instruction and create remediation in my class.

I recently had 100% pass rate for Physical Science EOC. Through the use of USATestPrep and other instructional strategies, my students were successful.

USATestPrep is truly a dream resource! It has taken so much of the guesswork out of data collection. I use it for formative assessments, as a remediation/ enrichment/ acceleration tool, and ultimately as progress monitoring. It has totally changed the way I am able to know where my students are and see what I as an educator can do to help them most. It has also given my students a way to truly monitor their own progress. I have spent this year bragging to everyone I can about how effective it can be!

I began using USATestprep at the suggestion of my Department Chair. After learning how she uses it to provide additional instructional support for her students, I took the challenge to bring it to my students. I teach Science and have seen how it provides the information in a different format that my students can access. I have seen how students stay engaged with the program since using USATestprep in my classroom. I am able to use the test as a Pre-Test for the subjects that I teach and then provide additional assignments for the students to complete as part of the classroom setting.

I have been using USATest Prep on and off for about 15 years. It is such a wonderful resource. I use it for reinforcement, remediation and review. I credit my student's success with the EOC due to the using USATest Prep. It gives them examples of what to expect from the test and prepares them. They use it enough that when they see the test they no longer fear it. I give them unlimited retakes and they have to take it until they score greater than a 70. They now make it a game to beat the test. It is great because they went from whining to excited.

This is my first year teaching and I believe [USATestprep] has helped our students, the teachers, and the scores. I come from the business field with marketing and sales and love the data that it presents back to the teachers.

We use USATestprep in our Physical Science classrooms daily to increase student achievement! We give weekly quizzes, bell ringers, and teach the students to review and remediate using all the tools and resources available to them. USATestprep is an invaluable tool to give me instant feedback in the classroom. I can use this data instantly to remediate or extend the knowledge of students where they are individually. This helps students achieve the most growth.

USATestpre is awesome! The instructional videos are concise and informative; the practice sheets help reinforce what students have learned. I use basic assessments as monthly progress checks and use custom assessments to check student learning along the way.

USATestprep has been a great tool for the classroom as an indicator of what the students know about a topic. I have used it for all academic subjects and a variety of settings. I love the green dot challenges.I enjoy the ease of use of the USATestprepsystem. Additionally, I enjoy the variety and rigor presented within each unit of study. Lastly, the reporting features are essential given the need to document interventions and results as part of progress monitoring or home-to-home to school communication.

Now I see why my teachers are always asking for USATestprep. I had no idea everything it can do!

I use USATestprepfor instructional support. After presenting lessons, USATestpreallows me to provide on-going support in curriculum standards for students who need added support as well as those seeking enrichment. The system provides customized and varied lesson delivery formats, which aides with student engagement and encouragement. Users have access to reporting features to indicate student mastery of concepts. This feature has been beneficial during parent and RTI conferences. My students love the games and can navigate USATestpre's features with ease.

I like your company. I love your customer service. It is the best service of any company in the world. My issues get solved within hours of reporting a problem to you and that means a LOT. AND so friendly.

I have started using USATP for my exclusive assessment platform in HS Biology for the last 2 years. It has really helped me be able to challenge my students with current standards-based assessments while also offering formatives and remediation and self-pacing work. That's my favorite part is the students can self-pace on Unit work but all be prepared when it's time for major assessments. I cannot think of a better assessment platform to help my Biology students prepare for State standards-based assessments.

I use USATP as my primary assessment platform in my HS Biology classes. Because everything is standards-based, from formatives to remediation to assessments and games, I know my students are not just getting better prepared for test-taking and my unit tests but also the state-based EOC in May. Because students come into my class at many different reading levels, this platform helps me identify early what content and test-taking strategies they are struggling with or lack in their learning. I will continue to use this as my primary assessment platform - I have yet to find one better!:)

I have served as a USATestprep admin for our school for the past several years. Last year as a 6th Grade Math teacher, we relied heavily onUSATestprep for practice as students prepared for state testing. Our 6th Grade students completed over one-million math problems in one school year! Our Beginning Learners percentage decreased like never before as we saw students of all levels of proficiency grow significantly. As we pioneered 5th Grade this year, we used USATestprep to supplement our Science and Social Studies curriculum. Our passing rate continues to increase as students continue to retake items and increase the level of mastery.

USATestprep has been integral in shaping my philosophy of education. Learning is the combination of inquiry and exposure. Through continuous practice, a student develops the mastery and confidence necessary to be academically successful. USATestprep provides a platform for continuous practice. My math team and I recognized our math curriculum provided limited opportunities for practice. We developed a plan to encourage students to participate in continuous math practice and to monitor their progress. Over the course of the school year, our 6th Grade Math students answered over one-million math problems in USATestprep! Students were proud of their accomplishments in USATestprep (so many green dots!) and we celebrated their hard work. As a result of this continuous practice, the percentage of students scoring below proficient on the state math assessment decreased significantly from one year to the next. The growth was recognized by the leadership of our district and we gave all the credit to USATestprep. As a result, more grade levels and students are relying on USATestprep and the results continue to improve across the district.

I have used USATP in another district in the past and LOVED it. I know how beneficial it is to a classroom teacher in areas of differentiation, both formative and summative assessments, and providing students with a platform to be accountable for their own learning by managing the red, green and yellow dots.


USATestprep has added a much-needed component to my classroom. Illinois uses the Illinois Science Assessment, a 3 part test, and it was nearly impossible to teach my curriculum and review material they learned in 6th/7th grade. USAtestprep allows my students to review material they may have forgotten and I can tailor their learning to the specific standards they are struggling with. When COVID-19 hit, most of my fellow educators were lost...but not me! My students could log in daily, I could set minimum scores to attain, I could see how long they were spending online, and adjust lessons daily if needed or just plan for weeks at a time. Unlike my fellow co-workers, I could even progress monitor my students to see if and how they were learning. At the end of the pandemic term, I surveyed my students and had 100% say that they liked it and felt they were not falling behind in science. The different formats such as videos, games, performance tasks, puzzles, assessment, etc. make it interesting for the students and they do not get bored. USATestPrep is easy to use, integrates easily with Google Classroom, offers great support, and most of all, the students don't hate it.


Using the items of the day, specifically, vocabulary, has enabled students to be better prepared for future discussion about those topics.

My remediation students have gained more confidence in their skills through the practice USAtestprep offers. They benefit from the opportunities to repeat assignments to improve their scores. The explanations of the incorrect answers help them also.

My favorite feature of USATestprep is that I can create assessments based on standards. I always give my students a pre-test and then give them the exact same post-test at the end of the unit. The day before the post test I always send home a study guide with my students. USATestprep makes creating this study guide so easy. I can duplicate a copy of my post-test and then replace all of the questions with similar questions. This allows the students to adequately prepare for the test without actually studying the exact questions.

Let me tell you about my classroom. I teach in a special education self-contained classroom with students who have high needs and emotional disabilities. We have difficulty completing everyday work if it is not engaging. We used USATestPrep to help us prepare for ILearn test and my students went into this exam with confidence. My students enjoyed playing the games and having battles with one another. They would complete work and practice skills without realizing they were doing work. They would receive points for completing assignments and would work hard to have higher number of points than their friends. This was a LIFESAVER!!!! I am going into this year of testing with confidence that my students are going to succeed on their test this school year.

I have the highest standardized test scores at my high school and I attribute much of my success to the consistent quality of USATestprep.

I use USATestprep in a variety of ways throughout the school year. What I love most about it though is the data. Giving students a benchmark over the standards at the beginning of the year to see what they know and instantly getting specific feedback is so helpful with how I plan my units. It also allows me to see where they are weak and to differentiate instruction for them. The Green Dot challenge is fantastic! It reinforces the differentiation and is very helpful for remediation. I know that students are receiving the help they need where they are weakest when using USATestprep.

I use USATestprep in my classroom every day. I also used it for E-learning from home. In the classroom, I use it for math and reading center rotations. For E-learning, I used it for a daily math and reading assignment and Friday assessment of the weekly skill. The program is very user friendly and a time-saver for teachers. It is very easily adaptable to your own unique classroom. Teachers can build their own assignments/assessments or use ones pre-made from USATP. There is an abundance of resources within the program. There are printable versions of the products as well. It also includes games that can be used to engage the students in review or practice. The students love doing the Green Dot Challenge each week. This helps to give them a goal and also incentive. The material is standards-aligned. There are many ways to utilize the data obtained from the program to target essential skills and differentiate instruction.


Students being able to retry their missed items after an assessment helps them understand that they really aren't as lost and confused as they think they are by looking at their original raw score. They often don't delve into their results for themselves and this is a good reality check for them and gives them hope that a little more study would make a difference.

The USATestprep was great this year. We were not able to use all of the parts, but the ones we used were very useful. My students were able to easily navigate, after minimal training, and finish assignments and assessments. The ability to add my own questions was great as were the videos and practice activities. I am looking forward to using it even more in the next school year.


Practice Test questions are helping my students in the area of rigor and alignment to the standards.


As a special education teacher, I use it to evaluate how well my students are fairing in their general education curriculum. This site offers real insight on how the students are performing in the several components that make up a course.

I have used USATestprep in my classroom for a little over a year now and have see wonderful results. Over 88% of my students have successfully passed the ACT Workkeys Exam.


USATestprep gives me immediate feedback about what students understood and what I need to go back and re teach. It's a simple way of assessing students' growth.


I am the lead ELA 11 teacher in my building. Since January, my team and I have been using USATestprep resources multiple times each month. It is wonderful to be able to compete with other classes and other teachers for the top score in our building on skill areas we are practicing. For students who are actively trying to raise their ACT scores, it is great to be able to assign them so many options to practice and to improve.

Many students use the dot rank to show how they are succeeding on specific standards. It gives students a way to see in real-time that they are making gains.

Since our students began using USATestprep, we have scored the highest in our district and among the highest in the metropolitan area on our End of Course exams.

USATestprep has been great for my students and allows them to work on something that is rigorous and fun!

I use Item of the Day for five minutes every day for bell work. I have several special education students in my class and in the beginning, they were getting several of the questions wrong. Now after a few months of using the program the students are able to get the vocab and question of the day correct without help. They are so proud of themselves which fires their interest in learning.

Over the past two years, I have used USAtestprep for assessment, reinforcing skills, implementing targeted student interventions, benchmarking, and data-driven decision making. My students most enjoy playing learning games on USATestprep and using “Battle Royals” to review course content.“USATestprep provides that platform along with some item banks and reports that we find very helpful for our teachers to use. Plus our students can chart their own progress as they move through a course with some of the pieces that are available on USATP.

We find that its useful from a district stand point because we can look at how all of our kids are doing but we can also look by teacher and as well by student.

There are a lot of pieces to USATP, but the best thing about it is that it is so student and teacher-friendly that they have really embraced the use of it in their classrooms.

We use quite a few different pieces. We find that the rigor is there. For example in ELA, while it may be the same passage available for grades 5 and 6 the items are different because the standards are different. It really helps with the vertical alignment piece. Data wise, the teachers use it during collaboration. So they will sit down with their summatives that they’ve designed in their benchmarking program and look at the data and see what areas they may have issues with, strengths, weaknesses, etc.

From the district perspective, I go in and I’m constantly looking at how the kids have done on a particular summative that the teachers have designed and may pull some additional items that I think they need to look at and then the building principals are in there as well maybe looking to see how things are going. It provides some really good reports.

Probably the biggest piece that I see that we gain from USATP probably is the teacher collaboration piece. As the district assessment director and an instruction and curriculum person, it really is a benefit for the teachers to be able to do that and have the opportunity to look at the same items. It provides the ability for them to come back and look at that data as a group.

The biggest bang for our buck is that we aren’t spending tons just trying to write one item. We are able to develop the summative form the item bank while we’re looking at the item instead of vice versa.

Prior to using USATestprep we did benchmarking 3x a year. We were seeing some progress but not a ton. When we started using USATestprep we started quickly noticing an increase in students’ performance on the EOC exams and directly related to the rigor of USATestprep.

USATestprep has allowed me to make data-driven decisions to improve instruction and assessments in the classroom. This service has allowed my students to feel comfortable in a testing environment that is becoming more difficult from year to year. I love the various activities, games and especially the performance event handouts which have allowed my students the ability to prepare a rigorous assessment. USATestprep has impacted my data collection and pulse test in my classroom. I love the ease of this program as well as the elegance of students' usage.

I love how USATestprep provides my students with practice that is aligned with the state standards. Additionally, it allows for individualized learning as I can assign the students top three weak areas.

USA Test Prep has changed the way I run my classroom. I know exactly what is expected for my state's standards, therefore I know the rigor of how these standards are needing to be assessed. I make my own assessments and use that data for my RTI. This data forms my instruction and I can reteach my students using the other many resources USATestprep provides! I love using all of the Teacher Resources, especially the class activities to print out for small groups! The "green dot challenge" is also wonderful to give my students a goal to reach that is attainable. All the while, I am gathering a ton of very valuable data that I can break down many different ways! It is really a teacher's best friend!

USATestprep has been a wonderful resource for my classroom. I love having the ability to compare data collected from my students to their progress over the last three years. I am able to see exactly where my students are struggling and have a multitude of resources to help them achieve their goals. Since I began using USATestprep three years ago, I have seen a visible increase in my state test scores and my ability to pinpoint weak areas within my curriculum.

I am a huge fan of USATP. My fourth-grade students absolutely love using the program. The material is relevant to the current curriculum. It pairs well with MAP testing. I am thrilled to have learned more about the program to incorporate more activities into my lessons. It is an amazing addition to my curriculum.

It has been an incredible resource for me, being a new teacher who is trying to figure out a way to help his students achieve their best on a standardized test.

Until my recent position change in the district, I had never even heard of USATestprep. Now, as the District Instructional Coach, I hear about it all the time! Through this year of new experiences, I have attended phone calls and workshops for USATestprep. At first, it seemed overwhelming, but I could see the benefits of the different aspects found in the platform. When I attended the last workshop, I was able to take what I had seen teachers in my district using USATestprep for and I was actually able to understand how supportive USATestprep is for teachers. It has so many resources pre-made for teachers to use, but it also has ways for teachers to add their own "flavor of teaching" to USATestprep! I feel this gives teachers a voice and also allows teachers to stay creative! USATestprep has multiple ways to pull up student data and allow teachers to use that data to drive their instruction.
Now that I have experienced USATestprep, I can see why so many teachers and school districts are looking at this program; it aligns with state standards, the people who work for USATestprep are so helpful and quick to respond to questions, AND it is student-centered. This program is not your typical technology-based, assign students work or assessments and just expect everything to work; this program truly is THE program if you want your students, AND teachers, to have success in the classroom!


My students enjoy using USATestprep more than another remedial site.

I LOVE the dot system!

Using this has helped my students increase their ACT scores in math anywhere from 1-9 points on Math alone.

My students love USATestprep because it provides instant feedback concerning weak areas. They are excited about their upcoming state test, and they feel thatUSATestprep will help prepare them for it.I have several students who have struggled with daily classwork, but I have seen a greater understanding and improvement when using USATestprep. The ability to allow multiple attempts on an assignment has given them confidence that they can redo any assignment. It has also allowed the students to become at ease with using the technology.

I had a student struggling with dividing fractions and I had tried everything that I could think of to help them succeed without avail. I put them on some of your games and crossword puzzles and because it was fun the student actually improved and was successful.USATestprep has helped me as a teacher differentiate assignments and therefore reach all of my students where they are academically and help them progress and grow. I love this because it helps build their confidence and become risk-takers that excel.

Ever since signing up for a trial of USATestprep, I knew it was something special. From the bell ringers, lessons, assessments, activities, and games, there is something for every student that walks into the classroom. Personally, I use USATestprep to enhance my lessons that I teach throughout the week. Once every week in class, I take time for students to log in and complete the resources that are available on the standard that I am teaching. At the end of the day, I go in and look at the dot ranking of each student to see how I am doing presenting the lesson to my students. If I see that most students are struggling after a taught lesson, this gives me the ability to return to the lesson to give additional support to the students. If the majority of my class succeeds with the lessons, I then reward students for their hard work and remediate using the options available. My students get so excited for "USA Testprep Day" because I've turned the Green Dot Challenge into a competition between each of my classes!

USATestprep has helped the students in my class with a lot of factors specifically the students who are our TIER II and TIER III kids. Thanks to USATestprep there have been several gaps closed in my class. My favorite thing about USATestprep is that I can have goal talks with my students based on the data that is collected inside the program in order for them to better understand and reach their goals we set together for USATestprep.

USATestprep does things that no other programs do. Everything from daily assignments to benchmark assessments, USATestprep offers it all. The data breakdown makes it extremely easy to see where students are excelling or struggling. Anytime a student does not do well on an assessment, they go straight to USA Test Prep for remediation !! This is my all-around go-to program inside my classroom !!!

I have recently integrated USATP into my English classroom and my kids love it! It provides games and other activities that my students don’t normally have access to in English. I love the data tracking and the ability to differentiate to provide for students' needs!

I use USATestprep for review and test. My students love being in control of their own learning and pacing. I love the ease of using it.

North Carolina

The first year my students began usingUSATestprep, their scores shot up dramatically. USATestprep was the only thing I used that was different from previous years.

USATestprep makes it easy to track student progress based on standards.

I have used USATP for over 8 years in 3 different school districts in both GA and NC. I have taught both middle and high school during this time where hundreds of students have benefited from USATP's services. My students have received wonderful reviews from this program and I have been thoroughly impressed with their prompt and effective feedback time and services. I am SOLD to this program and will ALWAYS make the effort to keep it at the forefront of my classroom's best instructional practices.

I have been using USATP for around 10 years in both middle and high school classrooms in both GA and NC. My students have benefited greatly from the wide variety of resources that USATP offers in addition to the ability to better communicate about their progress in my class. I have encouraged many other educators in various districts across state lines to embrace this program as it has single-handedly changed the way I lead and facilitate instruction in my classroom.

New Jersey

My students enjoy the games and the ability to choose the standards they want to work on while playing. Although they were resistant at first they appreciated the practice for NJSLA in math and ELA.

New Mexico

As a teacher, the site makes it easier to make an assessment based on state standards and have the students practice to prepare.


We value USATestprep and have been using it for several years. My teachers love that they can easily add their own questions.

I love using the question of the day or bell ringer questions to start off my math classes. These make great intros to the topics we are studying and let the students delve into problem-solving.

I use USATESTPREP nearly every single school day with the students as my pre and post-unit assessments, warm-ups, practice when students are finished, bell ringers, and unit reviews. The science department uses USATESTPREP as a tool to practice for SBAC and MAPS district science assessments. I love the fact that USATESTPREP gives my school a Customer Success Manager who is always able to answer any questions in a timely manner. USATESTPREP has to be number one in customer service, as I have never received this type of support with any other educational program I have used. USATESTPREP is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!


I've used USATestprep for the past 2 years to prepare my students for the ELA I EOC. I like the personalization features of the site. I'm able to assign students the work THEY need and offer as many or as little tries as I'd like. I use this site as in-class practice and out of class practice to reinforce specific concepts. I also appreciate the immediate feedback. This saves me a lot of time!

I actually love the free-response questions. This is a great way to do a quick story and response to a reading. When paired with the multiple choice and performance task, I like to count this section as extra credit.

Students really enjoy the badges and it has helped immensely with the two-part questions and tech-enhanced tasks to prepare them for testing.


One student said it is progressing their knowledge.

I can see student growth.

Many of my co-taught students have improved in their test score by multiple points. I absolutely love USA Test PreUSATestprep

Since I teach virtually, a lot of the work my students do is outside of our live classes.USATestprep has been an amazing asset to supplement the live instruction my students receive. They are able to work independently on the skills and standards that they struggle most with and it is so easy to individualize their assignments based on their needs. I love the way that students get invested in their learning and that they are able to track their own progress. One of my favorite parts of USATestprep has been the Green Dot Challenge!


My students were struggling with the required grade-level standardized test - many of them were simply overwhelmed with the format of the questions, not standing a chance of focusing on the content or material presented. I started usingUSATestprep in my classroom on a DAILY basis last year, focusing on question and answer format along with the content of the questions, and they started to bloom! By the end of the year, they would say, "We get it, so can we just give you the answer?" They truly got it - the standardized test results from last year support that observation. Data can be interpreted and analyzed in many ways, but it can't be denied, my students rocked that test last year!

USATestprep is a valuable resource! I love how I can view assignments and assessments by domain or standard. It provides instant data and has options to focus on particular skill deficit areas.

South Carolina

Our entire US History department uses USATP throughout the semester, but we put extra emphasis on using the site when preparing for the state exam. Collectively we feel the site has helped prepare our students for the exam.

Our School district is requiring that everyone use Master Connect. The problem with MasterConnect that USATestprep does a better job with students taking the test and seeing their answer. USATestprep was the key to helping my test scores go from 48% to 91%.

Your site has made it very easy to identify, target and improve areas of weakness, especially in math.

Students strive for perfection so often they will try and try again until they get 100 on the assignments.

I love that it gives me direct mastery data on a specific standard. A quick 10 question quiz can tell me exactly who needs remediation.

Since I have learned how to use the Green Dot Challenge, I have witnessed greater student success in comprehension and analysis.

I used this weekly my first year of teaching, and 100% of my students passed their Biology EOC!

The Progress Report data allows me to use the information to set goals and update quarterly progress for my students with IEP's.

My students have excelled immensely usingUSATestprepevery day!

I credit my successful EOC scores to USATestprep.

I love how user-friendly USATestprep is for my students. I have recommended it to several of my colleagues.

Increase in EOC scores over past 4 years.

USATestprep allows me to excel or remediate a student with specific needs and this is an asset to differentiation within the classroom.

Multiple parents have told me that they love USATestprep and how much their child benefits from the practice. Students want to complete work successfully so they can play the games. It's been a wonderful addition to my social studies class!

I love USATP! It is a part of my classroom culture in my US History, AP US History and AP Human Geography. My students thrive from the rigorous assessments I can assign them. Because of their exposure to rigorous questions on USATP, they perform well on standardized assessments. I wholeheartedly believe that USATP is a part of the success I see in my classroom.

I am so happy that I started using USATestprep in my classroom! The data, instructional variety, and curriculum are all efficient and effective. This is a tool that is easy for teachers to use, engages students, and helps students grow academically.

I useUSATestprep in a variety of ways throughout the school year. On a weekly basis, I use the videos and performance tasks to reinforce my student's learning. I use assessments to gauge and assess student learning. I love that I can add my own questions, view statistics for ready-made questions, and choose from a variety of question types--including technology-enhanced questions, two-part questions based on a piece of text, and free-response questions.

As an Ed Tech Coach for our district, I love training all our teachers on different ways to drive instruction with a user-friendly website like USATestprep. Teachers are always thrilled to see the resources available with a few simple clicks.

USATestprep is the easiest and simplest educational program that provides many different avenues in one places for instructional use and student use.

While using USATestprep I have had the great experience to see how it help my students greatly improve in my class. I have also had the awesome task of helping our EOC teachers use it in their classrooms and seeing their students as well improve from the beginning of the year to the end. I love that students can hone in on those skills they are struggling with and keep working towards mastery.

Our teachers enjoy using USATesprep to assess our students academic progress. Our teachers love the fact that this program is user friendly, students can go through modules at their own pace, and the activities are aligned with our state standards. USATestprep has proved to help with our students with EOCs and we now have more teachers wanting to use this program in their classes. Teachers see the value and students get to play and learn all in one. USATest Prep works and that's why we love it!

During my time serving as Assistant Principal for Instruction, the administration team led the initiative to utilize USATestprep as an instructional tool for teachers. Teachers built assessments using USATestprep and allowed the data to drive the instruction in their classroom. The data provided was some of the best I had seen during my 15 years in education. This data allowed our teachers to move the school from an average rating to an excellent rating on the state report card. I am currently serving as Director of Secondary Instructional Support Services in a new district where we are rolling out the assessment tool in USATestprep. I have no doubt our teachers will experience the same results here.

Our district is 1:1with Chromebooks, so this can be used on remediation, assessments, or because students enjoy it.

You can tell USATestprep has been developed by educators because it's so authentic in meeting the needs of teachers.

I have used USATestprep since 2008. It was a game-changer for me. USATestPrep provided me with a valuable self-check. Since the questions align with SC State Standards, I am able to spot weaknesses in student knowledge and in my teaching. Last year, I had a 100% pass on the End of Course Exam for English I. 71% of my students received an A, and the lowest grade was a 78. I give USATestPrep credit for being THE tool that helped me push ALL my students to their full potential.

USATestPrep is a game-changer when it comes to education. The diverse selection of content, along with excellent pre-made tests (that grade themselves) has made my teaching so much more fun and easy!

I signed up for a trial back in the early 2000's and loved it so much that I wrote PTSA grants to fund subscriptions for my school. I use USATestprep for warm-up questions, formative assessment, and differentiated student practice. With the help of USATestprep, especially the progress tracker and Green Dot Challenge, my students have become active participants in their own learning. I love the flexibility in creating assignments and assessments. USATestprep has been an absolute livesaver when it comes to the Data Team process - especially with creating common formative assessments. The data provided by assignments and assessments is priceless in driving future instruction. And the way I have been able to use USATestprep to get my students involved in their learning has been a gamechanger.

Believe me, I am the poster child for the power USATP offers both teachers and students, having used it for probably fifteen years and seen the impact on high stakes test scores it offers. I can prepare kids for a test without teaching to the test. Not too many products out there can say the same.


This site has been vital in my classroom as we prepare for the final EOC. With new state standards this year and no past test to use, USATestprep has been the only resource we have to assign practice questions and get students use to what the test may look like. I love the instant feedback students get and the ease of navigating the website. It is very user friendly.

USATestprep has helped me become more organized and data-driven. USATestprep has increased student engagement. It provides different activities to help students dig deeper into the lesson. I believe with the help of USATestprep and other resources, 67% of my students were able to score on grade level or higher on the TN Ready Assessment.


I love having a resource that helps with everyday classroom needs and also focuses on Testing issues. It is by the best resource I have ever used.

The assessments really prepare the students for STAAR style of questions and forces them to use critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

My students love using USATP. It is so easy to use and navigate.USATestprep provides me with an opportunity to show students HOW the state test looks, a CHANCE to practice that style of testing, and LOTS of opportunities for remediation. My benefits, I've never scored below 97% passing on the State Test while I've been using USATestprep. USATestprep really works! USATestprep is exactly what it sounds like. It's software for parents, students, educators to prepare their students for high stakes testing in the US. It has AP courses, GED courses, High School Courses, Middle School classes, Elementary classes, etc. It takes a bit of time to master ALL the options given to you since you can control your learning through quizzes, practice tests, videos, worksheets, crossword puzzles, etc. But when you do figure out how to use it and work through it, I've seen great results from my students and for my own children over the years. I've been using it for years and even after looking at other software from time to time, I haven't found a better system or a better support network of people to help you get your goals accomplished.

I love using USATestprep. The customer service is phenomenal and every time I have a question or need anything, they always respond in less than 24 hours. Often less than 2 hours actually!" I chose USATestprep because it allows me to assess where my students are in relation to their learning process. It also allows me to give them a customized review before tests and is very good value for the money spent.

USATP has been a game-changer for my students. It gives them super information and has many ways to present material. I cannot do without it!

USATP is a great tool to help assess where students are. Every week, I test students over the curriculum they have learned throughout the week. I am then able to tailor instruction based on their gaps in understanding. Once I see those gaps in learning, it is easy to assign lessons to help students in that specific area of the content. It is easy to use, aligning directly with the state standards. If, for some reason, there is a lack of questions, the turnaround time for getting new questions created is super quick. I also appreciate that it is easy for students to use. We use this in multiple subjects, so the format is familiar with students, making it more likely to get accurate results.


I used USATestprep heavily during the last two school years and my students have rocked their Reading SOL tests. As the reading specialist, I work with students who have not passed the SOL during the previous year. After using USATestprep for our primary online practice system last year, 71% of my students passed!

I had several students who failed a state reading test. The state gave them feedback on specific standards that kept them from passing. We started a trial version of USATestPrep, and each student passed the test retake. I convinced my administrator to pay for a subscription, and now the individualized instruction and remediation USATestPrep offers is an essential part of my class.


I really like USATestprep! It is so useful and I use it as Bell Work almost every day. I also love the games. I use the videos to give my students background knowledge before I teach a lesson on it. I really hope my district considers it affordable and keeps it!

I used several different assessments to help my students with their state test that was coming up! Many students mentioned that they were prepared for several questions because they were used to the format from USATestprep.


USATestprep focused my teaching on areas that students struggled to help them to gain more success in a shorter period of time. I recommend USA Test Prep to all students!

USATestprep has enabled me to sequence my direct instruction and to reinforce practice of targeted skill areas. The data component is extremely helpful when assisting students in evaluating their own progress.

I'm a big fan of USATP. I used it regularly in my classroom, and now I train teachers on the platform and recommend they use it in their class.

As a classroom teacher, USATP was phenomenal piece of the puzzle I used to ensure students were mastering content, progressing toward goals, determining gaps in knowledge, and engagement. Tons of pros with USATP. There's variety - whole class activities and games, preloaded assessments and quiz banks, performance tasks, benchmarking, review videos, interactive and content-based games.

USATestprep is simple for teachers and students to start, yet has layers and layers of resources that can be extremely helpful. No matter what the lesson may be, the software has something useful.

This is one of the best remediation AND enrichment tools I have ever used.

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