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According to a year-long independent study by an educational research firm, students who use USATestprep gain up to a full year's growth in academic performance.

Results from 1,100 students in 40 classrooms were studied for performance improvement:


Students using USATestprep showed statistically a year's worth in gains for Reading Comprehension.


Students using USATestprep showed nearly a half a year's more growth in Mathematics than their Control Group peers.

Evidence-based Peer-reviewed Studies

Looking for factual evidence to present to your school about how USATestprep positively impacts student growth, learning, and increased scores on testing? Third-party research shows that USATestprep meets ESSA criteria as an evidence-based intervention. This means our offerings qualify for federal and state grant programs . Review the third-party research.

Teacher Satisfaction: A Product Efficacy Report

We studied teacher satisfaction of our product through two different surveys. The first survey, the Nationwide Education Survey, was conducted between December 2018 and March 2019. The second survey, the Annual Teacher Survey, was conducted in May 2019. Results of the two surveys indicate that our users are very satisfied. Over 90% of respondents were likely or extremely likely to recommend USATestprep. - click here to view!

2019 National Survey Results

We surveyed more than 1,500 educators nationwide to understand how they are using -- and finding success with -- USATestprep.- click here to view!

Here's what teachers have to say about USATestprep:

"My students' EOCT scores have consistently been in the upper 80% range due to USATestPrep."
- F. Davis, Georgia

"Last year, 94% of students passed the EOCT-Biology."
- H. Clark, Georgia

"My students have improved 20% from first using USATestPrep to now."
- J. Harris, Oklahoma

"I had a 100% EOCT pass rate when I used USATestPrep for the Biology EOCT for the state of Georgia."
- R. Venukadasula, Georgia

"Our students made the highest on the EOC in our district with 95%, we used USATestPrep every day!"
- S. Theiss, Texas

New Efficacy Reports Coming Soon

October 2019 - Student Performance on State Assessments
What we will learn: How well districts who use our products perform on their state assessments

August 2020 - Student performance from pretest to posttest
What we will learn: Levels of student performance growth after using our product

September 2020: Student performance on state assessments versus classsroom assessments
What we will learn: What the strength of the relationship is between performance on our product and performance on state assessments