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Pre-Calculus (QualityCore) Practice

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  • Questions 943
  • Vocabulary Terms 144
  • Performance Tasks 57
  • Instructional Videos 57

Test Standards

  1. (PSD.13) manipulate data from tables, graphs, etc
  2. (NCP.16) Exponents
  3. (NCP.19) Logarithms and sequences
  4. (PPF.9) Draw conclusions
  1. (EEI.8) first degree equations
  2. (EEI.15) factor
  3. (EEI.17) Manipulate
  4. (EEI.21) Solve quadratics
  1. (F.2) Evaluate polynomials
  2. (F.7) Trig problems
  3. (F.9) Trig graphs
  1. (GR.8) linear graphs
  2. (GR.14) Parabolas and circles
  3. (GR.16) Graph characteristics
  4. (GR.18) Draw conclusions

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