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by (GA, United States)
“I loved the conference! The presenters were fabulous! I was able to immediately implement the new ideas in my classroom.”
by (GA, United States)
“I have really enjoyed usatestprep and so have my students. Usatestprep has helped me to maintain the necessary rigor and practice my students need to meet standards and work toward passing the EOG tests. My students are Deaf and although they need the material presented in their first language (ASL), they are learning that they can work toward grade level mastery with success. It has been amazing to see them rise to the challenge and enjoy learning at the same time. ”
by (GA, United States)
“It was a great and useful presentation. I was able to return to the school and begin to implement the information that was shared during this session. ”
by (FL, United States)
“I had several questions about using the site, and they were answered almost immediately! Super helpful for a busy teacher and so easy!! ”
by (United States)
“The presenter (Amy) was poised, professional, and informative. The session covered a variety of USATP features. My only request is that I would have preferred a longer session in order to allow time to fully explore the information presented and develop further confidence in my ability to duplicate the demonstrations. ”
by (GA, United States)
“I have been pleased to be able to make benchmarks and custom tests in USA TestPrep for my students. Putting in my own questions was easy and it made the tests more exactly suited to my needs.”
by (GA, United States)
“I am a STEM teacher and Science Dept. Chair. We are using Physical Science, Biology, Environmental Science & Chemistry resources. The resources help us to personalize learning and help students to set their learning goals. We also plan to add Health resources for our P.E & Health students.”
by (GA, United States)
“I enjoyed the training. I learned a lot. My students have used usa test prep every day since my return to school. ”
by (MO, United States)
“USATestprep is a great tool for classroom teachers and provides a wealth of data to help differentiate instruction for students. We use it to develop common summatives at almost all grade levels and subject areas. ”
by (TX, United States)
“I found USATestprep through a small postcard sized flyer in my teacher mailbox some 6+ years ago and asked my Assistant Principal if I could use the service for my classes (Biology & Chemistry). He agreed and I started playing with it and enjoyed the overall design and how it worked for me to review my students. But, my SOLD moment was when I put in a quick question to their helpdesk and asked about a Codon chart that was different than the one used on my state test. The fact that they changed that chart on their questions within the next few days and had listened to me.... I knew this was the software company that was going to HELP me make a difference with my students. ”
by (fl)
“I like the ease of use with your program.”
by (ga)
“Students loved being able to work from home.”
by (ga)
“USA Test Prep pushes my kids to their utmost potential and truly prepares them for upcoming tests.”
by (ga)
“USATestPrep is the best state testing preparation resource on the market! Its price is affordable for any school district. The employees at USATestPrep are helpful and knowledgeable. I love this resource so much that I would purchase it for my students even if the school district didn't provide it.”
by (ga)
“You guys did a great job in formulating a relevant question format that prepared our students to do well on the state exam. Thanks”
by (ga)
“I have really enjoyed assigning the Performance tasks. To improve on them, it might be nice to have a quicker way of looking at them from the teacher perspective... I have a few clicks to and back when checking them out but not a big concern. I will be using the Benchmark feature in fall, so I look forward to exploring this feature that some of my fellow teachers have said works great. My hope might be that I can make unit quizzes by sub-standard (Biology) where students would receive the same 10 questions but randomly scrambled?”
by (ga)
“I LOVE this website! I didn't use it as much this semester as I usually do because I couldn't get into a computer lab as often as I wanted to. More mobile friendly apps would be great.”
by (mo)
“This program has given my students a new outlook on standardized tests and they realize they are more prepared for those tests.”
by (tn)
“I really like how the questioning prepared my students for upcoming tests! It helped them feel more prepared because they had constant exposure.”
by (sc)
“It really helped my students review for the SC PASS.”