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How to Create A Quiz (6 min)

Creating quizzes in the Progress platform is a snap! This short video walks you through the process, from choosing the subject and grade level to creating a shared quiz with other teachers. We'll also show you the options for how students receive their results. Choose questions from a specific domain to encourage standards mastery.

How to Build An Assessment (12:30 min)

See how easy it is to create an assessment using the Progress platform. In this video we'll cover using "Build-Your-Own" or "Pre-Built" assessments, how to customize your assessment by number of questions, DOK, multi- or two-part answer questions, or technology-enhanced items, and sharing your assessments with other teachers.

How to Track & Monitor Your Students' Progress Within the Platform (4:22 min)

Learn how to track and monitor your student’s progress within the platform, as well as export and print gradebooks and make assignments.

How to View District Data (5:45 min)

Are you a district administrator? See a quick overview of how to view District Data within the Progress platform, including school logins, test usage, subject progress reports, and more!

How to Work With Students to Assign Remediation Practice (4:11 min)

Are you dealing with learning loss in your classroom? See how easy it is to work with student data and assign remediation practice for students to bring them back up to standards mastery.

The Progress Platform From the Student's POV (4:19 min)

See what your students see when logged into the Progress platform. Learn how students join a class, access the game arcade, take an assessment, complete a saved activity, and more!

USATestprep Game Arcade (4:17 min)

See how our game arcade works from the student’s POV! Students earn tokens by completing activities within the Progress platform. Free games have them answering real-word test questions—all standards-aligned!

Full Demo of the USATestprep Progress platform (26:08)

In less than 30 minutes you'll receive an overview of how to build and view assessments, monitor student progress, assign remediation, and see how the platform looks from a student’s POV. Teacher feature favorites and training options are also covered. We recommend a 1:1 demo with one of our state-specific experts, but this is the next best thing!

100% Aligned to Your State Standards

Some tools offer “topic alignment” or “standards coverage.” That’s not enough! We go the extra mile and give you detailed alignment to every single standard, which gives you confidence that students are working with the best possible materials.

High-Quality Practice Items

Our item banks are full of originally authored questions by veteran classroom teachers. You’ll find multiple formats, clearly labeled by Depth of Knowledge. In addition, each subscription comes with access to plenty of interactive classroom activities and games to engage your students.

Easy-to-Use Assessments & Progress Monitoring

Formative and interim assessments are more important than ever. Whether you build your own or want the simplicity of using a pre-built assessment we offer, you can quickly identify learning gaps and jump into progress monitoring and remediation for every student.

Flexible and Affordable

We offer unlimited access to each one of our courses for a low, fixed annual rate. As you see success, you can add more courses on your own time, so that you don’t have to worry about big upfront financial commitments.

Proven Results for Educators Like You

For over 20 years, we’ve worked alongside K-12 teachers and leaders to fill the gap between daily instruction and true standards mastery. Read our efficacy reports here!

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