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Equitable Access for All Students
We make sure EVERY student is given the chance to succeed on his/her college entrance exams.

Not every student can afford private tutoring to prepare for college entrance exams and, with the Progress platform from USATestprep, they don't have to. Our SAT and ACT test prep is trusted by schools and districts nationwide to prepare students to succeed on PSAT, SAT, and ACT exams.

We've put together a couple of quick resources for our teachers to share with parents, to ensure students are receiving support both at school and at home!


This flyer is ideal to send to parents for a quick overview of all that's offered with the Progress platform for SAT/ACT test prep.

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Student Overview of the Progress Platform

This short video is designed for students using the USATestprep Progress platform to learn how to find assignments, see graded work, and explore the different activities a student can practice at home, or at school. The video can also be used by parents for a quick tutorial on how to maneuver through the platform.

We suggest sending an email or letter to parents, based on the template below, so that they can quickly understand the value of their son/daughter using USATestprep to fully prepare for their college SAT and ACT exams.

Sample Letter to Parents

Dear _Parent Name_,

We wanted to make you aware of a valuable resource available to your child as he/she prepares for the SAT/ACT. The Progress platform by USATestprep is an online learning resource with thousands of SAT and ACT practice questions that mimic those found on the actual tests. Especially valuable is the platform’s ability to find areas of weakness and help your child--through a variety of questions, vocabulary items, and videos--work through and master those areas. 

Your child already has access to the platform and we encourage you to encourage them to make the most of it! The more practice items they are able to complete before testing day, the more confident they will be going into the exam. In addition, USATestprep tells us that they hear from educators that students typically do better than predicated on these standardized tests after having prepared for them using the platform. 

We encourage you to view this video ( ) and this flyer to learn more about how you can help your child deliver their very best performance on their upcoming tests! 

Please let us know if you have any questions. 



"My students practiced on USA Test Prep before taking the practice ACT. Their scores were higher than projected." - Alabama educator

"I use USATestprep to assist my student is in Passing the FSA, ACT, or SAT. I assess students and place them in their most difficult category. I then independently assign them a group of activities with a module test afterward that focuses just on that area of weakness. We track growth at the end of the quarter then reassess the next quarter assigning them a new lowest category to work on. Many students have said this is has been the main ingredient that has helped them get the scores they were looking for on their standardized test." - Keeley Formal, Cape Coral High School, FL

100% Aligned to Your State Standards

Some tools offer “topic alignment” or “standards coverage.” That’s not enough! We go the extra mile and give you detailed alignment to every single standard, which gives you confidence that students are working with the best possible materials.

High-Quality Practice Items

Our item banks are full of originally authored questions by veteran classroom teachers. You’ll find multiple formats, clearly labeled by Depth of Knowledge. In addition, each subscription comes with access to plenty of interactive classroom activities and games to engage your students.

Easy-to-Use Assessments & Progress Monitoring

Formative and interim assessments are more important than ever. Whether you build your own or want the simplicity of using a pre-built assessment we offer, you can quickly identify learning gaps and jump into progress monitoring and remediation for every student.

Proven Results for Educators Like You

For over 20 years, we’ve worked alongside K-12 teachers and leaders to fill the gap between daily instruction and true standards mastery. Read our efficacy reports here!

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