SAT Reading Practice Test

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Welcome to the ultimate online resource for SAT Reading testing practice! Our SAT® review is fully aligned to current SAT standards and reinforces learning through the classic multiple-choice answer format as well as constructed response, free response, and technology-enhanced performance task formats.

Information and Ideas 40%
Rhetoric and Synthesis 60%
  • Questions 3,431
  • Vocabulary Terms 187
  • Performance Tasks 155
  • Instructional Videos 45

Test Standards

Information and Ideas
1. (INF.1)  Explicit meanings
2. (INF.2)  Implicit meanings
3. (INF.3)  Analogical reasoning
4. (INF.4)  Cite evidence
5. (INF.5)  Central ideas
6. (INF.6)  Summarize
7. (INF.7)  Relationships
8. (INF.8)  Words/phrases in context
9. (101)  SAT Vocabulary
Rhetoric and Synthesis
1. (RHET.1)  Word choice
2. (RHET.2)  Overall structure
3. (RHET.3)  Part-whole
4. (RHET.4)  Point of view
5. (RHET.5)  Purpose
6. (RHET.6)  Claims and counterclaims
7. (RHET.7)  Reasoning
8. (RHET.8)  Evidence
9. (SYN.1)  Paired texts
10. (SYN.2)  Analyze information